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09 . Aug . 2019

Enjoy the unique properties of cork, along with a wide range of practical and elegant accessories for use at home or in the office.

10 . Dec . 2021
26 . Sep . 2018
8 Reasons for using cork underlays when renovating your home

If you are currently looking to decide on which laminate flooring to use in the remodelling of your home choose, an underlays that will guarantee maximum comfort and durability.

09 . Aug . 2019
04 . Apr . 2022
Home, Office & Leisure

Let’s Cork Together

24 . Oct . 2019
Cork for a greener and more sustainable home

If you are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable construction materials, cork can be the solution.

09 . Aug . 2019
Why choose cork for your home?

Cork is environmentally friendly and a highly versatile material when used for interior decoration. But that’s not all. Read this article to find out seven good reasons why you should have it with you every day.

16 . Mar . 2020
Home Stories

Home Stories: 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors, which opened its doors on March , explores current interior design trends, while revisiting pioneering spaces. This journey across time highlights the social, political, cultural, urban and technical changes that have shaped Western interior design over the past 100 year…

18 . Nov . 2019
4 pieces in cork that you’ll want in your home

Discover Go4cork trays, place mats, trivets and coasters.

16 . Sep . 2019
Do you want a more efficient and comfortable home? Install an underlay

The sound of footsteps becomes less perceptible and you obtain a more durable and resistant floor while still saving energy.

27 . Mar . 2023
Are you thinking about installing or changing the floor in your home? Find out what you should consider before moving forward, to ensure tha…

Flooring is a key element in any home. A beautiful, high-quality floor makes the space almost immediately more pleasant and welcoming, and it also has an impact on the decoration and our feeling of comfort.  So if you're going to install or renovate flooring in your home, you've probably already spent some time decidin…

30 . May . 2019
Because it is a 100% natural and recyclable material, cork is one of the main raw materials used in the installation, Gardening Will Save Th…

Gardening Will Save The World is a space for experimentation and reflection on the social and environmental benefits of home gardens and vegetable gardens in cities, recreating a lush green space, with over 7,500 plants. Divided across two levels, the project combines traditional agricultural methods with the latest ag…

05 . Jul . 2022
Bringing nature to your home

Cork is an amazingly versatile material and, when combined with Nike Grind EVA foam, delivers great benefits in all flooring installations. This huge range of attributes fulfills the needs of the final floor, whatever they may be. The new solution is based on a formulation that aims to provide high performance to the u…

08 . Jan . 2019

Decoration | Home | Merchandising | Other applications

09 . Aug . 2019
Sustainable decoration: 3 ideas for putting it into practice right away

Want to make your home more welcoming and nature-inspired? Follow these tips.

22 . Oct . 2021
Why should I use an underlayment?

Discover 8 reasons for using cork underlayment when renovating your home.

09 . Aug . 2019
Insulation Boards

Resilience and sound damping capacity keep out the noise of neighbors, the sound of conversations, and vibrations produced by appliances or air conditioning systems, making your home healthier and more welcoming.

09 . Aug . 2019

Make your home more efficient and comfortable with underlayments, adhesives, and multi-purpose products made with cork and rubber.

09 . Aug . 2019

Enjoy the unique properties of cork, along with a wide range of practical and elegant accessories for use at home or in the office.

09 . Aug . 2019
Creative ideas for decorating with cork

Cork provides color, texture and a natural and organic look to your surroundings. Find out how to use it for decorating your home or office.

31 . Jul . 2017

The structural layer intended to provide the home's floor support, which may receive floor coverings directly if the surface is appropriate, or indirectly via an underlayment if the surface is not suitable.

08 . Jan . 2019

With its resistant, non-slippery cork body and earthy, elemental appeal, lasca's unobtrusive, grounding presence is equally at home by the pool, on a sunny patio or indoors.

21 . Apr . 2022

The structural layer intended to provide the home's floor support, which may receive floor coverings directly if the surface is appropriate, or indirectly via an underlayment if the surface is not suitable.

22 . Oct . 2021
8 Reasons for using a cork underlayment

If you are currently looking to decide on which laminate flooring to use in the remodelling of your home choose, an underlayment that will guarantee maximum comfort and durability.

27 . Jul . 2017
7 Reasons for using a cork underlayment

If you are currently looking to decide on which laminate flooring to use in the remodelling of your home choose, an underlayment that will guarantee maximum comfort and durability.

25 . Jul . 2017
Which endangered species depend on the cork oak forest?

The most endangered species is the Iberian lynx, only found in Portugal and Spain and considered to be critically endangered. According to the WWF - World Wild Fund for Nature, the total number of surviving Iberian lynx in these two countries is lower than 150 adult individuals. Among the endangered species of the Medi…

08 . Apr . 2022
Board on frame

Board on frame structures are coated with cork on the outer sides and have an inner structure in honeycomb cardboard. This technique allows producing pieces of furniture and other very stable, resistant and lighter home and office goods.

13 . Dec . 2017
Why choose this underlay for your LVT flooring?

Choose Amorim ECO21dB to get the latest technology under your feet. Amorim ECO21dB dampens impact noise as well as footfall noise, improving the atmosphere in your home or office. The agglomerated cork and recycled EVA used are pressure resistant and reliably protect LVT flooring against damage.

Blog 12 . Dec . 2017
Why is cork so attractive when it comes to furnishings?

Cédric: First of all because of its natural appearance. Use of cork composites inspires us to adopt a straightforward contemporary language. Klas: Because it’s so familiar…it feels like home already.

09 . Aug . 2019
Intro text

Create a unique, natural and personalized look for the walls of your home with our cork decoration tiles. You can find them in different looks and finishes. Easy to apply as they do not require any type of glue.

Blog 27 . Apr . 2022
Cork is a material that can be applied in a wide array of different situations in our daily lives. From its gentle touch to its thermal and…

At Amorim Cork Composites, we place our experience and knowledge of cork at the service of creativity, through the design of different items in which this material makes a difference.

Case Studies 25 . Jul . 2017
Case Studies
Knoll – the world-leading North American manufacturer of modern furniture for the home and office – has rediscovered cork as a raw material…

Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland designed the Porto and Lisbon cork tiles included in the Beller Collection from Spinneybeck, which chose Amorim Cork Composites to produce these decorative modules that guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation performance. The collection won the #MetropolisLikes prize in NeoCon…

07 . Apr . 2022

To this end, we combine all our knowledge and experience about cork with a highly qualified technical follow-up in the development of products for the home, office and leisure sector.  From choosing the most appropriate technologies and work processes for each project, we work closely with the customer to offer the mar…

12 . Jul . 2018
Cork-Rubber products to make your life easier

Amorim Sportsfloor Cork-Rubber Flooring is an excellent solution for gym floors, either in the home or in commercial spaces. Easy to install and maintain, it is an extremely durable solution for a variety of applications.  With excellent resilience and vibration absorbing characteristics it has many possible uses beyon…

Blog 25 . Jul . 2017
Lars Beller talks about how the opportunity and inspiration arose to create the Porto and Lisboa cork tiles for the Beller collection, by Sp…

Inspired by techniques used in the traditional molding of shoe soles, Lisboa and Porto are acoustically absorptive composite cork wall tiles composed of 16” square modules that are easily installed with a special pressure-fit rail system. Their design references Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s ceramic tiles, where…

Blog 23 . Jun . 2021
How did this project come about and why did you choose cork for the first Google Store?

I should first note that the Store was designed by Reddymade, a New York Architecture office founded by Suchi Reddy. I was working directly for them, although Google was of course the end client. There were three main reasons why Google was interested in choosing cork as a theme for their retail environment. First, the…

25 . Jul . 2017
Innovation is our attitude and driving force.

Like the sun, soil, and water have driven the cork tree to spread its branches as high and in the most diversified ways possible, we too feed on ideas. We feed on ideas, to thrive on innovation. That's how we always find something new to do with cork.The cork not incorporated into the stopper industry represents the id…

31 . Oct . 2017
Cork is being part of the news. What do you think that hasn't been said yet about cork in the space industry?

Cork… it’s not just for use on Planet Earth! Just as cork has been such an important component of the thermal protection of nearly every rocket launched from Earth, I expect it will find similar applications when we are visiting other moons and planets in our solar system and eventually launching rockets back home from…

09 . Apr . 2021
Add a new brand to your portfolio, which simultaneously serves as a gift and a collection item

Alma Gémea combines cork and ceramics two noble materials, both of which have a long tradition in Portugal. The use and combination of these materials in an innovative and differentiating manner naturally brings us to the most sophisticated dimension of contemporary home design. Alma Gémea is a forward-looking product…

09 . Aug . 2019
Intro text Cork-rubber Solutions

With very good vibration absorbing abilities, cork and rubber can be used in a multipurpose space such as a garage or absorb noise from neighbors when a washing machine is being used. It is also possible to install a personal gym at home with these products applied in the floor. Easy to clean and easy to apply, it’s…

27 . Sep . 2019
Awarded with RIBA's Stephen Lawrence 2019

ork House's innovative character caught the eye of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), that awarded the project with the prize Stephen Lawrence 2019, an award for experimental architectural talent, celebrating projects with a construction budget of less than £1 million.   Marco Goldschmied, the founder of…

09 . Apr . 2021
Closely related to Nature

Amorim Cork Composites produces cork and Matceramics produces ceramics. Although not immediately obvious, there are many more factors which bring them together, than those which set them apart. Finding links between one material and the other is both a challenging and rewarding exercise since discovery takes us down pr…

08 . Apr . 2022
One of Nature's most extraordinary materials

100 percent natural, reusable and recyclable, cork is, whether from the environmental, social or economic perspectives, one of the world’s most versatile materials. It takes each cork oak 25 years before it can be stripped for the first time and it is only from the third stripping (at 43 years of age) that the cork, th…

10 . Oct . 2018
The construction industry increasingly requires alternative ecological and renewable materials that deliver a lower environmental impact. Co…

Demographic evolution and urban development have driven rapid growth of built-up areas, thereby contributing to higher resource and energy consumption and increasing the emission of pollutant gases with repercussions on the atmosphere and eco-systems. Construction is now responsible for the consumption of about 30% of…

Blog 16 . Sep . 2019

In order to encourage recycling of cork and help reforest Portugal, Missão Continente, in partnership with Quercus and Corticeira Amorim, is distributing 500,000 “rolhinhas” to customers of Continente supermarkets. The “rolhinhas” are small deposits for wine corks than customers can take home and families can use to co…

Blog 27 . Jul . 2022
text (1)

30 years of the Nike Grind project What began as a grassroots initiative in 1992 to repurpose shoes headed for landfills is now a global sustainability program that helps transform manufacturing scrap and end-of-life shoes into recycled Nike Grind materials. Rubber, foam, fiber, leather and textiles are collected and r…

Blog 25 . Jul . 2017
How would you describe this year’s MMFA General Assembly?

Our meeting in Porto was a big success. We had two days packed with project work in our technical and market development groups, with intensive discussions and highly interesting lectures. The locations at the Hotel Solverde and at Amorim were just perfect. And so was the organization by the Amorim team in Porto. So in…


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