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Building comfort with sustainability

Amorim Cork Composites develops specific compound formulations for acoustic insulation and vibration isolation which offer highly insulating or dampening materials in compliance with a wide range of environmental conditions and several construction applications.

See below the possible applications of Acousticork materials.

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Solutions for different types of final flooring

Wall bearing: The solution for acoustic and anti-vibration insulation of masonry

Vibration Control: Specific material formulation for vibration isolation

Underscreed: High impact noise insulation in flooring screed applications

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Why Acousticork?

Ensuring peace and quiet isn’t a mere luxury. It’s already a human need – to guarantee quality of life and work in our fast-moving era.

  • Fast-moving times require acoustic comfort

    Growing urbanization and rising populations in urban areas are leading to more stringent noise and vibration standards and norms. As a result there is higher demand for high-quality and efficient sound insulation and vibration isolation (from internal or external sources in each building).


  • Acousticork natural base materials for demanding applications

    The blend of cork granules and various polymers results in a diversified portfolio of materials for acoustic insulation and vibration control. A cork-based Acousticork material guarantees performance durability with stable material properties over the entire service life of the product.

  • Durability and warranty

    The Acousticork products have a warranty for 10 years. For the underscreed materials, this is sustained by extrapolated compressive creep measurements carried out using the procedure described in EN 1606: 2013 standard.




Building comfort
with sustainability
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