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Sustainable and highly durable and performing solutions made of agglomerated cork to assure sound insulation, improve thermal comfort, and protect the floor of any space. 

Cork is a common denominator used in all our underlayments. When applied beneath a flooring system, a cork-based underlayments provides greater comfort, protection, and longevity to the final floor. 

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Test Underlayment Sound Impact

The use of underlayments with many types of flooring product can provide significant improvements in terms of sound insulation and reduction, as well as thermal and walking comfort.

  • Test Underlayment Sound Impact

    Listen to the impact sound without Underlayment and the impact sound with hard surface Flooring and Underlayment IIC = 50.

    Play Click here to listen the impact sound without underlayment.
    Play Click here to listen the impact sound with flooring and underlayment.


Acousticork – Flooring Solutions

Download the brochure and learn all about our range of underlayments for different types of flooring.
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