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Materials & Applications


Unique features make it the preferred material used across multiple applications in automotive sealing.

Natural Born Technology

Discover the Natural Born Technology! An irreplaceable and exceptional raw-material that truly fits the needs of some of the most demanding industries in the world in terms of performance.


Cork integrated within programme for reusable space vehicles

RETALT - Retro Propulsion Assisted Landing Technologies - a project that includes Amorim Cork Composites.

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Amorim Cork Composites creates innovation centre

i.cork factory is Amorim Cork Composites’ new innovation centre, entirely dedicated to research and development that valorises the use of cork, determining precisely the right amount of cork that, in conjunction with other materials, can bring value to different business sectors.

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"I think that cork is extraordinary!"

In this interview, the architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça talks about his emblematic work - the Lisbon Cruise Terminal - which uses an innovative solution that endows it with greater structural lightness: concrete mixed with cork.

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