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R&D Projects

We operate in association with other companies and platforms to develop new products. Innovation


CoMMute project has developed a prototype of modular and multifunctional floating flooring for regional and intercity railway cars, using materials with low environmental impact.

This solution makes it possible to cut total installation costs and guarantees greater comfort for passengers by delivering improved thermal and acoustic insulation and less vibration, without increasing weight. Use of cork played a decisive role in attaining these performance levels.

The flooring prototype also includes a smart system capable of performing self-diagnosis of failures, with sensors that compile a set of relevant data for railway operators.

CoMMute is developed by a consortium formed by Amorim Cork Composites, MCG, ITeCons, Critical Materials, and train car manufacturers, and is supported by Portugal's “COMPETE 2020 – Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization in the framework of the technological research and development incentive scheme”.

Consortium: Amorim Cork Composites, Itecons, Critical Materials, MCG, and light rail car manufacturers.

Crushable TPS

Development and functional testing of an innovative protection system that will simultaneously perform structural and thermal functions, allowing the re-entry process of space capsules to Earth to be simplified. This system will combine the capacity to absorb impact energy on landing and the capacity to support the thermal loads generated during re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere. The solution combining both characteristics allows for a high performance system and a number of significant simplifications in re-entry modules, reducing cost, and increasing reliability. The solution under development will be based on a new system composed of a composite material (with a high percentage of cork), extending the application of this material to structures with higher requirements in the aerospace sector (an industry that has already been using cork for several decades).

Consortium: Amorim Cork Composites, PIEP, ISQ, European Space Agency


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