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i.cork factory

Amorim Cork Composites’ innovation pilot plant

i.cork factory is the Amorim Cork Composites’ innovation pilot plant, entirely dedicated to research and development that valorises the use of cork, determining precisely the right amount of cork that, in conjunction with other materials, can bring value to different business sectors.

Creation and innovation are the project’s two main vectors, whose main mission is to design new materials, and test and exploit the application of new technologies that haven’t yet entered into industrial production. It thereby aims to leverage Amorim Cork Composites’ resources, know-how and production processes.

Led by the innovation department and already up and running, the new factory will act as a true hub of innovation and creativity for the development of new products and new formulae for manufacturing cork-based composite materials, while also serving as a learning and prototyping centre.

Market focus

With a total area of 850 m2, the new facility is located next to the main premises of Amorim Cork Composites. The i.cork factory will develop its activity in line with the market, seeking to create solutions that can respond to the needs of various business sectors - always with cork and the circular economy at the epicentre of development.

Given the proximity to the market, the innovation factory will also function as a collaborative platform, able to create synergies with universities, research centres and customers, in search of high-performance and often unexpected solutions.

In addition to contributing to the innovation culture inherent to Amorim Cork Composites’ DNA, the i.cork factory will play a key role in expanding its product portfolio.


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