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We bring cork to your life. We’re with you every day, whether you’re looking for a solution for a quieter and more comfortable environment, whether it is a construction work or looking for a natural and unique element to complete your home or workspace design.

But why cork?

Why not? Besides being extremely versatile, cork is one of the most durable high quality materials in the world. It's 100% natural, reusable and recyclable; from an environmental, social or economic point of view. 

Cork is a flexible raw material, but it has strong points

Versatility with sustainability in mind

Cork's visual and sensorial appearance, it's reliability, durability, sense of comfort and safety and ecological features will inspire you to shape a whole new sustainable world. No other energy-efficient material performs so well and with such quality. And not only it is eco-friendly, but also it is good for your health due to its hypoallergenic characteristics.

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