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Go4Cork exists to materialize Amorim Cork Composite's innovation culture by leveraging cork's attributes in a sustainable way


To value cork, designing sustainable composite solutions for multiple products and applications.



  • Circles have no beginning or end. They represent eternity, expansion and time.

    They regenerate themselves and new circles create the foundations that guarantee yet more circles. This incessant and almost utopian search for the infinite, transforms straight and mechanical lines into open curves that incorporate the harmony of sustainability and the boldness of innovation

  • A wheel that reinvents itself and never stops turning.

    The dynamics of movement can be found in all our products.


    Products created through a logic of continuous improvement, from a perspective that is also circular: to create to improve the world around us, let the world turn in order to continue to create more and better things.


    The breath of this circle enables us to dream that we can have a positive impact on the world using a raw material that longs to be touched, which exudes confidence and security, inspires us and is unique.


    The circle is also a symbol of durability. Because sustainability is only valid when it is materialized. More than a trend, sustainable management forms part of our DNA. That has been true from the outset and always will be.


    We are not just part of the world around us. We have made it better. In the present, for the future.


"A Perfect Fit for Every Need"

But "who" really is Go4Cork?



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