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Cork Inside: a seal that guarantees sustainability and performance

When cork is not visible in a Go4cork product, this seal guarantees that it is present in the right quantity to offer the best results.

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Create a space for organization and inspiration with a memo board

Made of cork or other materials, memo boards easily adapt to any environment and are very useful and practical for a more organized daily routine.

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Organize the office, work better

Create a more inspiring and functional workspace with cork accessories.

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Cork for a greener and more sustainable home

If you are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable construction materials, cork can be the solution.

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Products and inspiration for better home living

Cork, with you every day.

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Sustainable decoration: 3 ideas for putting it into practice right away

Want to make your home more welcoming and nature-inspired? Follow these tips.

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Creative ideas for decorating with cork

Cork provides colour, texture and a natural and organic look to your surroundings. Find out how to use it for decorating your home or office.

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Why choose cork for your home?

Cork is environmentally friendly and a highly versatile material when used for interior decoration. But that’s not all. Read this article to find out seven good reasons why you should have it with you every day.

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Do you want a more efficient and comfortable home? Install an underlay

The sound of footsteps becomes less perceptible and you obtain a more durable and resistant floor while still saving energy.

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Circular economy: join this cycle

Natural, renewable and recyclable, cork is a safe choice for those who care about the future of the planet.

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Choose cork for a simple and contemporary decor

Naturally sourced materials such as cork, are an excellent choice to create comfortable and relaxed environments that make us feel at home. Try using it on walls or as a small detail and let it surprise you.

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