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Do you want a more efficient and comfortable home? Install an underlay

Do you want a more efficient and comfortable home? Install an underlay

The sound of footsteps becomes less perceptible and you obtain a more durable and resistant floor while still saving energy. The answer to these challenges may lie with the installation of an underlay. A simple design, but one that will make all the difference in the comfort and efficiency of your home.

You are in the process of building or renovating your house and, among the many options available, you have finally found the ideal floor for your decoration project. Whether you have chosen a ceramic, wood, vinyl or laminate flooring, did you know that applying an underlay before installing the final floor is critical to making the environment quieter and more comfortable?

Underlay: simple, but efficient

An underlay is a layer of material applied during the installation process between the concrete layer (or the previous flooring) and the final flooring. It is an element that is out of sight, but whose presence is felt with every step. With an underlay, the sound of children jumping and racing is heard less on other floors and rooms, walking becomes much softer and the flooring remains in better condition for much longer.

Aside from these attributes, the underlay still contributes to the thermal insulation of the rooms, which helps keep the space warmer in the winter and, as a result, allow you to save energy. It works against humidity and also prevents furniture or heavier objects from falling and damaging the floor.

Cork for a natural comfort

Currently, among the various types of underlay available on the market, the solutions made with or from cork are the ones that best combine high levels of performance and sustainability from an environmental standpoint.

In addition to being a 100 % sustainable material, cork has a set of characteristics — such as resiliency, production of a dampening effect and a high capacity to absorb impact — which naturally improves an underlay’s performance.

Go4cork Underlays

Go4cork underlays are a 100 % cork product specially adapted for laminated floors or solutions that combine recycled materials (such as polyurethane, recycled rubber or EVA) with cork to enhance its natural characteristics.

To select the Go4cork underlay that best fits your case, always consider the final floor you have chosen and your project’s main function.

Cork with you, everyday

Product Type of flooring Recommended underlay Main function
  Laminate Nature GREEN
100 % cork, 100 % natural. Ecological, sustainable and recyclable.
  Laminate Plus ACOUSTIC
The most versatile underlay, with excellent performance and high durability.
  Vinyl Unique VINYL
Helps protect LVT flooring against damage to the click-system joints.
Excellent ability to compensate for uneven surfaces and developed to prevent suppression cracks in ceramics.
  Wood Profile THERMAL
Non-slip underlay with excellent thermal performance.

Hands on: it's easy to install an underlay

Whether you are dealing with your new home or a remodeling job, applying an underlay is such a simple process that you can do it yourself. Cork is a very light material, easy to handle and cut. After choosing the most suitable underlay for the final flooring, gather the materials, follow our instructions and, in a few hours, the base for your home’s new floor will be ready.

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