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Go4cork's Eco-Design: Sustainable Evolution

Aligned with Corticeira Amorim's sustainability and carbon footprint targets, Go4cork has invested in eco-design of its product range. Besides introducing new product solutions, we have eliminated packaging components and developed an innovative multipurpose box, thereby reducing our environmental impact and improving practicability in stores.

  • Multipurpose Box

    ↗↗ Stackable, sturdy boxes.
    ↗↗ Available in two sizes: 210mmx300mm & 310mmx300mm
    ↗↗ Tailored to our products and shelf space to minimize waste and optimize costs.
    ↗↗ Flexible customization with product detail adhesive labels.

    Cork - Let's Cork Together - Type of materials.jpg
  • Transport Mode

    ↗↗ Easy to transport
    ↗↗ Easy to unpack: just remove the top box
    ↗↗ Easy shelf restocking: save valuable time for store staff

    Circular Economy - Let's Cork Together - Type of materials.jpg
  • Display Mode

    ↗↗ Visibility and Protection:
    Your product takes centre-stage, highlighted by the display mode, while remaining securely protected.


    ↗↗ Aesthetically-Pleasing Design:
    Our box is not just functional; it's designed with an attractive aesthetic, appealing to the consumer's eye.

    CPCS - Let's Cork Together - Type of materials.jpg

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