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Go4cork's Eco-Design: Sustainable Evolution

Explore our range of cork-based home products at Amorim Cork Composites. Committed to sustainability, we are excited to introduce our new packaging solutions.

Aligned with Corticeira Amorim's sustainability and carbon footprint targets, Go4cork has invested in eco-design of its product range. Besides introducing new product solutions, we have eliminated packaging components and developed an innovative multipurpose box, thereby reducing our environmental impact and improving practicability in stores.

Multipurpose Box

↗↗ Stackable, sturdy boxes.
↗↗ Available in two sizes only, tailored to our products and shelf space to minimize waste and optimize costs.
↗↗ Display box for added product protection.
↗↗ Flexible customization with product detail adhesive labels.

Enhanced In-Store Experience

↗↗ Easy to Handle: Quick to unpack and restock, saving valuable time for staff.
↗↗ Local Production: Our products are proudly made in Portugal, ensuring shorter lead times and reliable supply for stores.
↗↗ Tailored Shelf Configurations: Customize and arrange products to fit your store’s specific goals and preferences. Enjoy flexible options, including the ability to place customized orders, creating an engaging and eco-friendly shopping experience.

Cork-based Products Key Features

Product Categories Available

Discover our latest collection of Home Accessories.
Innovative additions, including exciting new products now available in the range, designed to elevate your spaces.


New Packaging Solutions for Home Accessories

Access the full product catalogue. Discover how to elevate the in-store experience with practical and sustainable solutions.


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