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Why choose cork for your home?

Why choose cork for your home?

Cork is environmentally friendly and a highly versatile material when used for interior decoration. But that’s not all. Read this article to find out seven good reasons why you should have it with you every day.

7 reasons to use cork in your home construction and decoration

Cork has been gaining prominence among architects, engineers and designers worldwide, who use it in increasingly creative and innovative ways. Indulge yourself, and enjoy all the benefits that this natural material has to offer.

1. Cork is an organic and sustainable material


Cork is the bark of the cork oak. It is removed every nine years, without the tree having to be cut down, and it grows back again. In fact, the cork oak is the only tree with self-regenerating bark, making cork a 100 % renewable and sustainable material. Choosing cork contributes to a cleaner and more balanced environment.

2. It makes a difference in the lives of people who depend on it

Cork is an important social and economic development factor for Western Mediterranean countries, enabling people to continue living and working in arid and semi-arid areas. In addition to thousands of direct jobs, the cork oak forest generates various other activities which foster investment and create employment.


3. It plays an important role in the fight against climate change

Cork oak forests are natural retainers of CO2, the main cause of global warming, regulating the water cycle, protecting against erosion and fires, and nourishing biodiversity. It is estimated that every year cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tons of CO2, an important contribution towards the reduction of greenhouse gases, which are the main source of climate change.


4. Cork is highly versatile and has many uses

Impermeable to liquids and gases, fire-resistant, insulating, elastic, light, buoyant, very soft to the touch and hypoallergenic. It’s a long list of traits that characterize cork and make it such a special raw material. This versatility enables the creation of dozens of products to improve and decorate your home, from coating interior and exterior walls to practical objects for daily use.


5. It allows the creation of true designer pieces

In addition to functionality and performance, very important in technical products, cork has the capacity to be transformed by technologies such as molding, CNC machining and lamination. These industrial processes of greater or lesser complexity enable the creation of products with a high degree of perfection and detail.


6. Cork is visually appealing and timeless

Since cork is a material of natural origin, no two cork products are exactly alike. The small differences in the appearance and texture of cork make it an authentic material with personality, but at the same time easy to match your home decoration style.




7. Cork has health benefits

Cork is hypoallergenic and does not absorb dust, contributing to indoor air quality, making it able of being used safely by people with allergies. When applied to floors, it creates a cushioning effect, which makes the floor much more comfortable to walk and stand on.

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