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Sustainable decoration: 3 ideas for putting it into practice right away

Sustainable decoration: 3 ideas for putting it into practice right away

Want to make your home more welcoming and nature-inspired? Follow these tips.

Protecting the planet and having a healthier and more sustainable life is an increasingly present concern in our daily lives. More than a simple trend, the adoption of sustainable attitudes is today a reality in diverse fields. Interior decoration is no exception.

From the materials used for floor and wall coverings to furniture items and decorative objects, it’s possible to make choices that help reduce your home’s carbon footprint without neglecting room design and comfort. Such is the case with solutions in cork, one of nature’s most sustainable materials.

Because every choice counts, we've put together three tips for more sustainable interior design. These may be small steps, but they impact both your quality of life and the planet. Take note.

1. Give preference to natural lighting

Make the most of daylight. Even if the size of your home’s windows or its exposure to the sun are not ideal, if you choose light colors for the walls and furniture these will reflect more light. In this way, you reduce the need for artificial lighting and electrical energy consumption.


2. Restore, reuse and recycle

Restore an old piece of furniture, renewing its usefulness, reuse fabrics or reclaim objects that would otherwise go to waste in order to create something new. With a little creativity, there are countless ways to use what you already have to create unique and stylish pieces.


3. Choose environmentally-friendly materials

Whenever possible, opt for natural materials from renewable sources. In this product category, cork is one of the most outstanding raw materials. Derived from the bark of the cork oak, it is harvested every nine years, without cutting down any trees. The material is 100% natural, reusable and recyclable, which makes it the right choice for people looking for a sustainable décor element.


Go4cork: decorate with cork

Resistant to water and fire, hypoallergenic, light and elastic, cork is increasingly becoming an interior decoration trend, chosen by a growing number of designers for decorative projects, furniture design and both practical and decorative items.

Go4cork enables you to follow this trend and decorate your home with cork yourself. The decorative products line includes decorative panels and agglomerate cork rolls with various dimensions and finishes, which can give the walls of your home a unique, natural aspect full of personality.

As it is very easy to handle and cut, in addition to being applied to walls, cork roll can also be used as a non-slip material for the inside of drawers, and in countless hand-made projects.


Cork with a touch of colour

In addition to cork, some Go4cork products incorporate by-products from the footwear, packaging and automotive industries. This combination of materials gives new life to waste material that would otherwise be thrown away, while at the same time enhancing cork’s attributes. In each product we always use the optimal quantity of cork so as to ensure the best performance.

As many of the materials we add to cork are colored, some Go4cork products have a different look, with shades that depart from cork’s traditional color, or small colored touches. These elements give the cork a modern and irreverent aspect, while simultaneously expanding the range of decorative choices at your disposal.


Do you know what this symbol means?

Many Go4cork products combine cork with other materials in order to enhance their properties. Since cork may not always be immediately visible, we have created the Cork Inside seal.

This seal gives you a guarantee that the product incorporates the optimal quantity of cork to ensure the best performance and that it has been rigorously tested by Amorim Cork Composites’ innovation and engineering teams.

Circular forever

Amorim Cork Composites, founded in 1963 by Corticeira Amorim and manager of the Go4cork brand, is an exemplary model of circular economy. The company came into being to extract value from cork not used by the wine cork industry and recycle used wine corks. Since then, it has progressively expanded its circular profile, developing new composites that incorporate by-products from other industries (industrial symbiosis), raw materials of natural origin and products originating in the circular economy. Always with the goal of taking the properties of cork further.

At Amorim Cork Composites nothing is wasted: even the smallest residue (so-called cork dust) is used in the cogeneration of electrical energy. In fact, more than 60% of the energy that the company uses is obtained by burning this material, helping to minimize greenhouse gases and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

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