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Choose cork for a simple and contemporary decor

Choose cork for a simple and contemporary decor

Naturally sourced materials such as cork, are an excellent choice to create comfortable and relaxed environments that make us feel at home. Try using it on walls or as a small detail and let it surprise you.

Covering a wall with cork is a simple way to renew and give personality to any space. Cork introduces a natural and organic element that easily combines with different decorative styles.

In the living room or lobby, you can use it to create a highlighted visual element in the decor. In the office, a cork-covered wall next to your work space helps you be-come more organised and inspired. The children's room is the perfect place to show-case their designs and creations.

Do it yourself with Go4cork

With the Go4cork line of decorative products, it is very easy to get down to work and cover one (or several) walls of your house with cork. For this purpose, we offer two types of solutions: decorative panels and multipurpose cork rolls.

The decorative panels in agglomerated cork come in four different finishes and are self-adhesive - this means you will not need to use glue, thereby making the installation even simpler. They are ideal for application on walls and, in addition to the decorative component, they act as thermal and acoustic insulation, reducing noise and making spaces even more comfortable. 

The multipurpose cork rolls may or may not be self-adhesive and are also available with various designs, widths and dimensions, adapting themselves not only to application on walls, but also to your ideas, handicrafts and DIY projects. For self-adhesive products, Go4cork developed a specific glue for wall coverings that ensures ease of application and a long lasting, bubble-free result.

Small cork pieces for a home that reflects your style

If a cork wall covering does not fit your project or if you prefer something less permanent and more discreet, you can choose to incorporate small cork details when decorating your home.

Given how easy it is to handle and cut, rolled cork is perfect, for example, to line kitchen shelves and drawers, acting as a non-slip surface protecting cabinets and objects. You can also use it to renovate a worn-out or disliked piece of furniture by covering the surface or the doors.

For the office, using cork and some used canes, you can, in a few minutes, create personalized containers to keep your pencils, pens and other materials within reach. Also try using cork to line books and notebooks or use it as a mouse pad.

Another simple idea to put into practice is to cut out the letters of a word that particularly motivates you and use them to create a small inspiration board at your work space, combining inspiration and functionality in one piece.

Handles, magazine-holders, frames... Cork is so versatile you can use it to create countless pieces. Let yourself be guided by creativity and share your cork projects with us using the hashtag #go4cork.

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