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Organize the office, work better

Organize the office, work better

Create a more inspiring and functional workspace with cork accessories.

An organized workspace has numerous benefits. It makes us feel more focused, facilitates concentration and helps increase productivity.

To accomplish this, it’s important to choose the right accessories. They should be practical and versatile so that it’s easy to keep everything in order, but simultaneously have an aesthetic component that motivates and inspires creativity. After all, we're going to spend many hours with them.

Cork for a naturally-inspired environment

If you have doubts about which material to choose for your office, choose cork. In addition to being functional and visually appealing, cork accessories also have the advantage of introducing an element of natural origin to your office, creating a mild and quiet environment that invites you to work.

In this article, find out how to use cork to organize and decorate your office with the Go4cork sustainable product range designed for workspaces.

Desk pads: space for creativity

As well as protecting your desk top and absorbing noise, cork desk pads create a soft and comfortable surface, ideal for people who spend many hours working. Produced only from cork or cork mixed with waste from other industries, they immediately create a distinctive visual element that will not go unnoticed.

Mouse pads: precision at work

Complement your desk pad with a mouse pad that’s also made of cork. This material’s natural characteristics create a surface on which the mouse slides smoothly and with great precision, making work easier. Available in circular or square shapes, they fit even the smallest desks, as well being hypoallergenic and very easy to clean.

Cork Planner: organize your week in style

Placed on the wall or on the desk, this calendar will help you stay organized so you won’t forget any appointment. Produced from naturally-colored cork, it’s a good match with different decorative styles and it’s easy to add a personal touch using push pins and papers in your favorite colors.

Memo boards: inspiration and organization

In addition to the various memo board options already available, Go4cork has created a new range of frameless memo boards in various sizes, lighter and ideal for those looking for a more modern look. You can choose either the 100 % cork version or the Cork Inside version, which combines cork with recycled materials from various industries, promoting the circular economy.

Creative ideas with cork

Go4cork mouse and desk pads, planners and memo boards can also be complemented with other cork items and pieces you’ve made yourself.

Go4cork cork trays, for example, are very useful for organizing small objects and keeping your desk tidy. Coasters, on the other hand, protect surfaces and prevent spilled drinks.

Also, try using cork roll for lining desk drawers. This way, it’s easier to keep everything in place while simultaneously protecting the furniture’s interior. Mini cork rolls are also ideal for coating used cans and creating personalized containers for keeping pencils, pens and other materials at hand in just a few minutes.

Ready to start changing your workspace? Share your cork projects with us, using the #go4cork hashtag.

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