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Cork Inside: a seal that guarantees sustainability and performance

Cork Inside: a seal that guarantees sustainability and performance

When cork is not visible in a Go4cork product, this seal guarantees that it is present in the right quantity to offer the best results.

Cork is a very special material. Natural and eco-friendly, it is fully reusable and recyclable, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Along with benefits for the planet, it has unique features that also make it special for people. Reliable, durable and highly versatile, it can be used to create functional and decorative items for your home, or to develop technical solutions for construction and insulation projects where performance is paramount.

Innovate with cork

Seeking to take cork’s unique profile even further, Amorim Cork Composites continually develops new formulas and composites that enhance this material’s natural properties and enable the creation of innovative products. Given that in some of these products cork is combined with other raw materials, it may not always be immediately identifiable. With these cases in mind, we created the Cork Inside seal.

Consequently, whenever cork may be visually imperceptible in a Go4cork product, the Cork Inside seal guarantees that the product’s composition contains the optimal amount of cork to ensure the best possible performance. The presence of this seal on the packaging also assures you the product has been rigorously tested by our innovation and engineering teams and is ready to deliver the best results.

New products, more circular economy

Waste from industries such as footwear, packaging, automobile or upholstery production are some of the non-cork materials that we incorporate in Go4cork products. We chose them because, in addition to enhancing the benefits of cork, they allow us to give new life to materials that would otherwise be destined for the landfill.

This process of industrial symbiosis with other companies further reinforces our ongoing commitment to the principles of the circular economy, helping us to care for nature and reduce waste, while following trends and creating new products for you.

Discovering Cork Inside products

Cork Inside products are available in almost all Go4cork ranges. In the line designed for interior decoration you’ll find them in decorative panels as well as multifunctional rolls. They already appear in the product line for offices and workspaces in memo boards, mouse and desk pads.

In these cases, as many of the materials that we add to cork have colour, the products exhibit a different look, with tones that stray from cork’s traditional colour, or with small colored touches. These elements give the items a contemporary design, extending the range of decorative options at your disposal.

Cork Inside technology is also present in underlays and in cork panels to be applied inside walls during the process of building or remodeling a room. Here, fulfilling a more than decorative function, the combination of cork with other materials is intended to enhance cork’s thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics and provide the best possible performance.

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