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Cork for a greener and more sustainable home

Cork for a greener and more sustainable home

If you are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable construction materials, cork can be the solution. Find out how Go4cork products can help you create a more efficient, comfortable and environmentally-friendly home.

Building (or remodeling) a house is an exciting and challenging project. It's an opportunity to design spaces tailored exactly to your size, choose the materials and finishes that reflect your style, and think through every detail in order to create the home of your dreams.

However, building a house also means you can choose materials of natural origin, with a smaller environmental impact, simultaneously helping you save energy over time and making your new space more comfortable and welcoming.

Cork is one of these eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Of 100 % natural origin and from a renewable source, it has a number of properties that make it hard to match. It’s light, elastic, fire- and moisture-resistant, hypoallergenic and impermeable to liquids and gases. In construction, it stands out due to its thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities.



Build with Go4cork

With Go4cork's range of construction solutions it’s very simple to incorporate cork into your project, whether it’s a new house or a remodeling job. Specially designed for use in walls, the brand's construction products are divided into two main categories: expanded cork agglomerate and cork insulation boards.

Expanded cork agglomerate is dark in colour and only produced with cork derived from the pruning and cleaning of cork oaks, using an industrial process that does not involve the use of any additives. Highly versatile, this agglomerate can be used in roof and façade insulation, and also applied to exterior and interior walls.

Moreover, cork insulation boards can be produced with cork alone or by mixing this raw material with other materials in order to enhance its natural thermal and acoustic insulation properties. These boards are compatible with various final wall coverings, and are extremely durable and easy to install. They are available in various thicknesses and densities, which makes them easily adjustable to your project’s needs.


A more comfortable home, day after day

Once the work is finished, the cork won’t be visible but you’ll feel its benefits every day. Cork’s low thermal conductivity and ability to store heat and release it little by little will prevent your home from overheating in summer days and help maintain a pleasant indoor temperature on colder days.

Likewise, its resilience and acoustic absorption capabilities will keep out the neighbors’ noise, the sound of conversations, and vibrations produced by appliances or air conditioning systems will be reduced, making your home environment healthier and more welcoming.

To make these benefits go even further, supplement your cork wall application by installing a Go4cork underlay suitable for the final floor you choose. 

What makes cork environmentally friendly?

Among other factors, “embodied energy” is an element increasingly taken into account when classifying building materials as environmentally friendly or not. The “embodied energy” of a given material corresponds to all energy consumed during the extraction, production and transportation of that material.

Ideally, for more sustainable construction, the materials used should have reduced levels of embodied energy. That's what happens with cork. As a renewable, natural raw material which plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it’s a product with very low embodied energy, representing a safe and environmentally-friendly choice.

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