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Creative ideas for decorating with cork

Creative ideas for decorating with cork

Cork provides color, texture and a natural and organic look to your surroundings. Find out how to use it for decorating your home or office.

In recent years, talking about trends in decoration almost always involves talking about cork. Natural and sustainable, cork helps create welcoming and relaxing spaces, while simultaneously introducing an element of novelty and modernity in the room.

If you would like to try using cork to improve comfort or change your home décor, but don't know where to start, Go4cork can help you. Specialized in DIY cork products, Go4cork offers a wide range of items for people who like to get down to work and create their own interior design project, but are also concerned about the environment and value responsible consumption.

“Cork is an extremely versatile material, adapting easily to small decorative projects where creativity leads the way, as well as more ambitious challenges when you need to do some remodeling or you’re building your new home.

It’s easy to do it yourself with cork

In these cases, cork is ideal for improving rooms’ thermal and acoustic insulation, reducing interior noise and helping to save energy. You can take advantage of these benefits by installing a cork underlay or floor base and applying expanded cork agglomerate or cork boards to the walls.

Placed between the floor and top floor, an underlay is a thin layer of material that can’t be seen, but will make a difference to your home’s comfortThe environment becomes warmer and quieter, footsteps become more silent and heavier furniture does not leave a mark on the floor. 

Go4cork offers a wide range of underlays designed with the top floor in mind, as well as with the purpose of the room where they will be installed.


The expanded cork agglomerate and cork boards, already mixed with other materials, are recommended for placement on walls, whether exterior, interior or double. In addition to controlling noise, given that cork manages to store heat and release it gradually, this construction solution cools down your home in the summer and helps maintain pleasant temperatures on colder days.


Cork and rubber for floor protection

If you’re taking on a simpler but equally useful project, try the Go4cork multipurpose products, which you can install in just a few minutes. Made from cork with recycled rubber and EVA, these products have been specially designed to absorb vibration, protecting floors and making your home quieter.

Shims and boards can be placed under washing machines and other vibrating household appliances. However, larger mats can be used to protect your garage and workshop’s floor or even to set up a small home gym.

Cork highlights that match your style

In addition to more technical applications, cork can also be used to create a nature-inspired, gentle and organic environment. For example, have you ever thought of covering that white living-room wall with cork? With different finishes and textures, cork roll or self-adhesive cork paneling is easy to apply and immediately creates a decorative element that won’t go unnoticed.


In the office, a memoboard will not only help you remember that important meeting you have scheduled during the week, but also displays that phrase or image that inspires you to work better. In addition to the traditional pine-framed cork memoboards, Go4cork also offers memoboards with maps, magnetic boards, and chalk boards, as well as mixed models that combine these elements with cork.


Finally, you can also bring cork to the kitchen and table. Trivets and coasters, trays and individual placemats: there are numerous Go4cork products that allow you to feel the soft touch of cork while cooking or enjoying a meal with friends or family. Useful objects, which are also a great way to decorate.


Inspired to start creating? Share your cork projects with us, using the hashtag #go4cork.

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