Materials & Applications

Mobility cork solutions for visual and structural parts

Reinventing mobility with innovative cork-based solutions for cars, trains, caravans, buses and many others.

Cork: sustainability, comfort and performance in mobility

Given the rising importance of sustainability in the mobility sector, there is growing demand for more sustainable materials in vehicle manufacture, in order to reduce the sector's environmental impact. Cork is a 100% natural and recyclable material that can be used instead of plastics, foams and other materials that are more difficult to recycle and may be harmful to the environment.

The unique properties of cork, together with Amorim Cork Composites' know-how in highly technological and specialized sectors of the industry, allow us to develop solutions that joins the best of both worlds: performance and sustainability.

As a result of a continuous investment in R&D, cork is now used in structural elements (such as interior panels, flooring, ceiling...) and in the interior components (like bumpers, accessories...) of different vehicles. Although not always visible, we find our cork solutions in cars, buses, caravans or high-speed trains, as well as in ships and airplanes.

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