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Structural materials

Structural materials

Structural elements with cork for more sustainable and efficient mobility. Mobility

Structural elements with cork for more sustainable and efficient mobility.

Today, building lighter boats, buses or trains to reduce the consumption of energy and other resources, making them more efficient, is one of the main challenges of the mobility sector.

Amorim Cork Composites takes advantage of the natural lightness of cork to create innovative materials applicable to interior, side and top panels, as well as flooring solutions for various means of transport. In all of them, cork allows us to reduce weight, improves thermoacoustic performance and provides greater comfort.

We rely on a highly specialized technical team which, depending on the needs of each project, will recommend the most suitable solutions.

  • Acoustic core materials

    The acoustic core materials developed by Amorim Cork Composites can be used to create innovative and more efficient interior systems in different modes of transport. Floor, side and ceiling panels are examples of applications in which cork's lightness and insulating capacity play an important role in the system's performance.


    In this range, Amorim Cork Composites offers core materials for sandwich panels, developed using gluing technologies or infusion processes. Our materials are selected to obtain specific performances, from thermal insulation, to noise reduction or fire resistance, keeping the surface weight low.

  • Natural and lightweight materials

    Natural and lightweight materials are simple solutions focused on the lightness that cork can provide to the end product.

    They seek to respond to the need to reduce the weight of cars and other means of transport, thus contributing to reducing the resources and energy needed to design and use them.

    These are materials with a cork core and a high-quality coating, which guarantees the final finish. Like acoustic core materials, they can be applied to floors, doors and other structural elements.

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