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Cork solutions for interior components

With an attractive look and warm and soft touch, cork is an innovative material for interior vehicle components.

Cork solutions combine the beauty of a natural material with passenger comfort and well-being.

Cork can take on many different shapes, from the simplest to the most complex, to meet the manufacturers' design requirements and create sophisticated and elegant interiors, using, for example, molding, lamination, extrusion and injection processes.

Lightweight, durable and with a high thermal insulation and anti-vibration capacity, cork offers the technical performance demanded by the market. Furthermore, as it is a natural and sustainable raw material, it also responds to the environmental concerns of the industry and consumers.

  • Mobility Cork Venners

    Cork is a natural and sustainable option for the various elements that make up the vehicle's interior, such as door linings, the interior console or the dashboard.

    In addition to their sophisticated look and the comfort they provide, our materials are able to respond to the wear and tear caused by everyday use. 

  • Mobility Interior Compounds

    Cork can be combined with different thermoplastic materials, partially replacing plastic and creating more sustainable end products.

    These materials can be processed using different production techniques - such as extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming, blow molding or continuous press - creating components that are fully adapted to the customer's technical requirements.

    Cork polymer compounds (CPC) can also be visually adjusted to match the aesthetic needs of the final project.


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