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New teardrop camper with cork

HYK Outdoors unveils new teardrop camper with cork as the core material

HYK Outdoors, one of the premier makers of handcrafted campers in the USA, choose cork as a structural and visual material for the breakthrough teardrop camper design. This pioneering teardrop design reflects HYK Outdoors' commitment to enhancing the harmony between campers and nature.

The decision to utilize cork in the construction of the teardrop van aligns with HYK Outdoors' mission to prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness in outdoor adventures.

Cork is a 100% natural and recyclable material that can be used instead of plastics, foams and other materials that are more difficult to recycle and may be harmful to the environment. For this reason, several manufacturers have chosen cork for both the visual and structural elements of their different means of transport.

The use of cork for a ground-breaking design

For the backbone of the teardrop it was used plywood with Amorim MAC016, a material that combines cork with other circular economy materials, generating value from materials that would otherwise be discarded. This combination provides durability and structural integrity to the vehicle, while offers a superior thermal properties and sound insulation so campers can fully enjoy their outdoor experience.

Looking on bringing some of the outdoor feel to the inside of the camper, HYK used also cork as a visual material for the ceiling and walls. Besides the disruptive look, cork’s natural texture adds a soft and warm touch to the camper interior, enhancing the overall camping experience.

“We at HYK get to live and breathe the Outdoor Life as part of our profession. We work with our shop doors open and take our campers out as often as we can. Thus, convenience and comfort are what we seek to deliver through the design of our campers and camper kits”, say Jeff Baker, CEO of HYK Outdoors.

“We think we’ve figured out how to build high-quality, affordable and customizable campers that can take you into the heart of the Outdoors…that don’t require a huge vehicle to tow.”

Jeff Baker, CEO of HYK Outdoors

The integration of sustainable materials in vehicle manufacturing is increasingly important since it satisfies travelling requirements with more environmentally friendly means of transport. Vehicle users thereby become more aware of their choices and behavior towards the environment and help contribute to a more ecological and responsible lifestyle.


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