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Sustainable mobility

Cork used in the Renault Group’s new all-electric vehicles

Cork contributes to the vehicles’ unique, ground-breaking and sustainable design

Cork is used inside the new Mobilize all-electric cars - the Renault Group's urban mobility brand. Integrated into the seats of the Mobilize Duo and Mobilize Solo models and also the interior rear panel of the latter vehicle, cork was chosen because it is a natural and sustainable raw material. Cork endows comfort, well-being and lightness to both vehicles. 

The use of cork for a ground-breaking design

Cork also makes an active contribution to the vehicles’ unique, ground-breaking and innovative design, while increasing high levels of sustainability and reinforcing circular economy practices. Moreover, the cork solution used in both cars is combined with recycled materials, using thermoforming techniques. It is designed both to withstand the test of time and to ensure passenger comfort.

Mobilize Duo and Mobilize Solo were presented at the most recent edition of the Paris Motor Show. It is designed to be 50% made with recycled materials and be 95% recyclable, following the principles of eco-design. The idea is to redefine the concept of urban mobility, making it more appealing, attractive and fun. Mobilize cars are ideal for driving in the city, due to their reduced size and small carbon footprint. They will also permit better network services due to their connected electronic architecture.

“The design of our vehicles and services mirrors the Mobilize brand’s DNA. We are inspired by urban brands to develop vehicles that permit mobility and go beyond traditional conventions. With Mobilize, we are inventing an entire new concept of mobility, centred on digital technology, which revolves around the object itself. People will choose the Mobilize brand for the experience it offers: sustainability combined with mobility, as well as being fun, convenient, robust and easy to use.”

Patrick Lecharpy, VP Design for the Mobilize brand


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