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Cork-rubber composite solutions specifically designed to produce the most suitable materials for sealing

Amorim Tech Seal's priority are the automotive, heavy duty and gas industries. As a result of continuous investment in R&D, we have developed a very diversified portfolio of sealing solutions for these areas. We work closely with our customers to develop sealing joints adapted to the requirements of each project.

Our solutions combine nature and technology. To cork, a natural and sustainable material, we add Amorim Cork Composites' knowledge and experience in highly demanding industries. From this intersection, innovative products emerge to respond to the needs of manufacturers around the world, respecting the requirements of applications and adapting to the most demanding environments.


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Sealing high performance

Cork and rubber gaskets have several advantages over other sealing options on the market. and

On the one hand, its high sealing capacity requires less sealing load for effective sealing. In this way, the screws used can be smaller, which results in greater stability and reduces the degree of vibration of the device. ​

In addition, cork and rubber gaskets have greater firmness and high conformability, which ensures that compression does not affect their sealing ability and that they adapt very easily to imperfect surfaces, regardless of the contact area and the compression exerted.


Why cork and rubber sealing solutions?

  • Load-to-seal

    Lower load-to-seal delivers hardware gains, such as optimized hardware designs including lower grade or smaller size fasteners, resulting in lower torques which also benefit from lower distortion issues and safer fastener working ranges.​

  • Controlled side flow

    No allowance need to be made for side flow if a cork rubber material of the correct firmness is selected. The compressability of cork-rubber can be used instead of
    non-compressible molded rubber o-rings.

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  • Conformability

    Tolerance to extreme surface finish conditions and high out-of-flatness ranges. Large contact areas and sufficient compression ensures excellent conformability even if there are surface imperfections in the flange.

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