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Electric mobility

Electric mobility

Solutions for electric mobility

The use of cork in the field of electric mobility is one of Amorim Cork Composites' most recent ventures, taking advantage of its know-how in developing high-performance solutions for such demanding sectors as the aerospace industry.

Our priority is to offer solutions that protect the key component of electric vehicles: the battery. In this application, we offer materials that can be used for sealing, housing and thermal protection.

  • Thermal protection

    Thermal protection is essential to minimise the risk of battery cells overheating, preventing thermal runway, ensuring the safety of vehicles and passengers. This is an area where cork has proved its worth, since it is used as a thermal shield in rockets and spacecraft, whose structure is subject to temperatures of over a thousand degrees centigrade during lift-off and landing.

  • Sealing

    In the area of sealing, always focusing on maximum battery protection, we offer solutions that protect these components from external elements such as humidity. Cork-based gaskets and seals help ensure the performance and longevity of electric vehicles.

    In addition to taking advantage of its insulation capacity, thermal protection and fire resistance, the use of this natural and sustainable raw material contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles.


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