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FiberCork to boost the sustainability of electric batteries

Delignit and Amorim Cork Composites launch FiberCork to boost the sustainability of electric batteries

FiberCork, ensures that the product not only performs exceptionally but also actively contributes to carbon reduction.

Delignit AG (ISIN DE000A0MZ4B0), a leading manufacturer of ecological wood-based products, and Amorim Cork Composites, a business unit of Corticeira Amorim, world leader in the cork industry, have come together to develop an innovative range of sustainable solutions for EV batteries: FiberCork.

With the increase in demand for electric vehicles and the pressure to reduce their environmental impact, manufacturers are seeking more sustainable materials that maintain performance and safety in battery systems. FiberCork, ensures that the product not only performs exceptionally but also actively contributes to carbon reduction.

  • Multilayer solutions for batteries' thermal insulation

    FiberCork is a range of solutions designed for the thermal insulation of high voltage batteries in electric vehicles and offers applications such as thermal pads, bulkhead partition walls, and module covers, ensuring excellent insulation performance. It combines Amorim Cork Composites capacity in the innovation and development of cork composites solutions with Delignit's expertise in transforming beech wood for the automotive industry. This partnership reinforces the mission of both companies to contribute to more environmentally friendly electric mobility.


Cork's properties – such as low density, thermal insulation and compressibility – are combined with beech-wood's resistance to particle bombardment, creating a set of sustainable and unique solutions that stand out from conventional materials and respect the strict requirements of this industry.

"The electric mobility sector has undergone major transformations over the last few years, which has resulted in great opportunities in terms of innovation", says João Pedro Azevedo, CEO of Amorim Cork Composites. "Our company already has a strong track record in providing high performance cork solutions for demanding industries such as aerospace or automotive. That is why we are confident in the added value that the FiberCork range can bring to the e mobility market in terms of performance and sustainability."

"The unique material properties of our Delignit material have been impressing customers in technologically demanding applications for decades. The Delignit/Cork combination has the potential to become a gamechanger on the path of decarbonization in EV, bringing renewable raw materials into a new, highly engineered field of application", Markus Büscher says, CEO of Delignit Group.

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