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Explore the wonders of cork for EV Batteries


Delignit and Amorim Cork Composites launch FiberCork to boost the sustainability of electric batteries

FiberCork, ensures that the battery not only performs exceptionally but also actively contributes to carbon reduction.

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EPT Cork Fundo Azul Fundo

Multilayer cork solutions to improve the thermal protection of EV batteries

This innovative range of multilayer cork solutions aims to improve the thermal protection of electric vehicle batteries, while reducing their environmental impact.

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Car Battery 02

New cork solutions to protect electric vehicle batteries

Cork’s low density with its reduced thermal conductivity and resistance to high temperatures, make it ideal for the development of components for EV batteries.

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Amorim Cork Composites materials used in Rolls Royce record-breaking all-electric plane

Amorim Cork Composites is celebrating the successful test flight of a groundbreaking electric plane that used Amorim Cork Composites materials in its battery system.

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