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Cork used inside Mazda’s new 100% electric car

Cork is used inside Mazda’s new 100% electric car

Cork was chosen for the interior lining of the car because it is a sustainable and biodegradable raw material Blog

Corticeira Amorim's cork is used in Mazda's new 100% electric car. Integrated in the interior console of the MX-30, cork was selected because it is a natural, sustainable and biodegradable raw material, thus contributing to reduce the environmental footprint of the new model of the Japanese car manufacturer.

Natural beauty. A solution prepared to withstand the demands of everyday life

Moulding techniques have made it possible to combine cork’s natural characteristics - such as lightness, elasticity and softness to the touch – to provide a feeling of well-being, natural beauty and comfort inside the car. In view of cork’s unique resilience, compressibility and resistance to friction this solution is also prepared to withstand the demands of everyday life. Whether for daily use or sports driving and for a wide range of different road surfaces.

According to Tomiko Takeuchi, the project manager for Mazda’s new model, “cars are no longer just used to transport passengers from point A to point B. It is therefore vital to increase pleasure during the trip. In other words, make sure that people enjoy the time they spend in the car”. Placing cork inside the vehicle, endows it with a unique look, intensifying the feeling of contact, balance and harmony with nature.

The integration of cork inside the new Mazda MX-30 is perfectly aligned with Amorim Cork Composites' mission: to add value to cork in a competitive, differentiated and innovative manner, while promoting the development of sustainable products, practices and solutions. 

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