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4 pieces in cork that you’ll want in your home

4 pieces in cork that you’ll want in your home

Discover Go4cork trays, place mats, trivets and coasters.

Would you like to give your home a more natural style, but don't know where to start? Cork objects are an excellent choice for introducing small organic, soft notes into your space and instantly giving it a fresh look.

Very light, insulating and resistant to water and heat, cork makes it possible to create useful, practical objects for daily use, such as trays, place mats, trivets and coasters, which can also have a decorative function.

In this article, we introduce you to our range of specially-designed products so you can enjoy cork's unique properties while cooking or enjoying a meal with family or friends. We’ll also give you some ideas for taking advantage of these items in your home decoration.



Trays are indispensable to any home, whether serving a small meal or a coffee when friends come to visit. Made solely from cork, Go4cork trays have the advantage of being very robust, while at the same time light and easy to carry. On this tray, cups, glasses and other items do not slip, and the tray does not scratch the table or surface where it rests.

Available in cork’s natural hue, with a circular, square or rectangular shape, our trays have a very simple design that easily matches your favourite crockery and is suitable for every occasion. 


“Use Go4cork cork trays to organise small objects in the bedroom and office, or as a centerpiece”



Above all, trivets are functional objects, but there’s no reason why they can’t also be decorative. That’s what happens with Go4cork's cork trivets. They give your table a natural and elegant touch while protecting it from heat and scratches from saucepans or other hot containers.

Our trivets are available in a circular shape with various diameters as well as square and rectangular, ideal for bringing a tray or platter directly from the oven to the table.


Our suggestion

Join several trivets to create a larger protective surface.



Lightweight and waterproof, Go4cork coasters protect glass and wood surfaces from scratches and stains and can be used for both hot and cold drinks. Cork absorbs heat and condensation from crockery, and after use you just need to wipe them with a damp cloth.

Cork’s neutral colour goes well with all kinds of cups, glasses and other decorative table items. You just have to decide whether you prefer them circular or square.

“Use coasters at the office to protect your desk and avoid spilled drinks. You can also place them under jars or small vases (with a plate) to prevent scratches to furniture.”


Place mats

Go4cork cork place mats are extremely practical for daily meals or even for more informal festive dinners. Generous in size and with a rectangular shape, they protect your table, help reduce the noise of plates and cutlery, and are durable and very easy to clean.


Our suggestion

Match place mats with simple tableware and accessories for a modern and informal table setting.

Pick your favourites

1. Round tray (300 mm) 2. Square tray (300 x 300 mm) 3. Set of three trivets (150, 200 and 250 mm) 4. Rectangular trivet (295 x 195 mm) 5. Set of six coasters (95 mm) 6. Set of four place mats (290 x 440 mm)

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