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Alma Gémea combines cork and ceramics two noble materials, both of which have a long tradition in Portugal. The use and combination of these materials in an innovative and differentiating manner naturally brings us to the most sophisticated dimension of contemporary home design.

Alma Gémea is a forward-looking product that pays heed to the roots of its cultural heritage.
Distinctive and timeless, the Alma Gémea collection is based on principles such as forging a natural symbiosis between two elements and the surprise factor resulting from the unexpected combination of such materials with unprecedented lines, contours, and functionalities.

The 5th Element, the perfect balance

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The Companies

  • Amorim Cork Composites

    Amorim Cork Composites part of Corticeira Amorim, the world leader in the cork industry with a long track of achievements using cork in demanding industries such as construction, flooring, sports surfaces, mobility, energy sealing, consumer goods, furnishings, and footwear. We recycle, reuse and reinvent entirely natural and organic materials. Innovation is our driving force. the benefits of using cork composites go beyond aesthetic considerations and include questions of functionality and advantages in the manufacturing process.

  • Matceramica

    Matceramica, which began trading in 2000 is currently the largest earthenware in Portugal, and one of the biggest producers of tableware in Europe. Located near Fátima, in the center of Portugal, its premises cover a total area of 30000m². Its core activity is the production of tableware but also ovenware and decorative items, using its own materials – either earthenware or stoneware – and also its own glazes. Constantly on the cutting edge of market trends, Matceramica is increasingly recognized as a synonym of design and quality, customer-orientated, and focusing its activity on the service provided.



Alma Gémea

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