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In love with nature

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In love with nature

Amorim Cork Composites and Matceramica are leading companies in Portugal and abroad in their respective fields. They have joined forces to create a project that will distinguish and differentiate them and enable them to generate value together. This sharing of knowledge and experience has not only delivered a new product line but has also given birth to innovative processes that will define the future combination of the respective raw materials. 

“Alma Gémea ” is much more than a love story. It is a relationship that is improbable and yet perfect. An experience that elevates the human senses to the universes of complementarity and union. Through our combined desire, we have discovered points of connection in our differences that form a unique and beautiful whole. Opposites attract. The warmth of cork and the coldness of ceramics blend together. Love is born. 

Alma Gémea, a love story.

“Alma Gémea” could have been a love story between two different people, who despite theirs differences find both common and complementary characteristics, which build a stronger “one”.


Closely related to Nature

Amorim Cork Composites produces cork and Matceramics produces ceramics. Although not immediately obvious, there are many more factors which bring them together, than those which set them apart. Finding links between one material and the other is both a challenging and rewarding exercise since discovery takes us down previously uncharted paths:

• Cork and ceramics both have a close connection to nature. 
Both materials embody the Portuguese cultural identity overseas. 
Cork and ceramics both have a strong tradition in Portuguese industry. 
Both companies play an important role in the Home Products segment. 

  • All the products reflect the materials’ natural mutual dependence. After we’ve seen them together, we can’t imagine them any other way. They are inseparable.

  • The development of this collection takes advantage of the physical and psychological
    characteristics of both materials. The contribution of all the senses was fundamental to the final result. The mix of definitions is such that not even the most classical chemical compounds have resisted such innovation.

  • The soft texture and lightness of the cork, the tactile sensations of both materials, the sense of harmony thereby achieved, were only revealed during the key moments of this journey of discovery. After we’ve seen them together, we can’t imagine them any other way.



Alma Gémea

Expect the Unexpected.
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A Love Story - Alma Gémea

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