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The 5th Element

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The 5th Element - The Perfect Balance

They say that the seasons mark the different cycle of life and that each being’s wealth is based on their constituent elements. 

  • Spring


    Like the wind that gently blows over the soul of the earth and brings matter, which is transformed into life and starts to expand."

  • Summer


    “... Or that warm light that seems serene from afar, but gains vigor when it reaches the ground, reminiscent of a fire that seeks something that will refresh and calm it.

  • Autumn


    “The air. That air that is not seen but can be heard whistling with great force at dusk. It brings strong aromas, almost palpable, which cradle the memories of a traveling sun that slowly descends while, behind it, the breeze chills the leaves.”

  • Winter


    “... and is the harbinger of times that will bring long awaited water . Majestic, impenetrable, it humidifies everything through which it passes, leaving nothing to chance, and closes this cycle while opening up a new one, when the flower scented breeze returns to the plains."

  • Balance


    “... Helping to prosper the 5th element, the cork.”

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The 5th Element, the perfect balance

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