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ACC Design Studio

Let’s Cork Together

The ACC Design Studio is a space for innovation and creativity where cork and design meet. 

We have a multidisciplinary and specialized team prepared to support the development of cork-based new products and creative projects that explore the appearance and functionalities of this material. 

Our main goal is to enable our customers' design concepts to materialize with cork as the raw material of choice, while meeting the technical requirements of the application. 

Let's Cork Together

To this end, we combine all our knowledge and experience about cork with a highly qualified technical follow-up in the development of products for the home, office and leisure sector. 

From choosing the most appropriate technologies and work processes for each project, we work closely with the customer to offer the market, functional, appealing, creative, and sustainable solutions. 

Home, Office & Leisure

Let’s Cork Together ​

Bringing cork and sustainability to your ideas
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