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ACC Design Studio

ACC Design Studio: where cork and design meet


Cork is a material that can be applied in a wide array of different situations in our daily lives. From its gentle touch to its thermal and acoustic insulation properties, this 100% natural, renewable and recyclable raw material is increasingly becoming a strong ally for those looking to decorate or renovate their home or office.

At Amorim Cork Composites, we place our experience and knowledge of cork at the service of creativity, through the design of different items in which this material makes a difference.

We also research and develop innovative cork-based materials, through the application of extrusion, lamination or moulding processes, and by combining cork with other raw materials, in order to produce new materials.
By using cork or composites that combine cork with materials from other industries, it is possible to create countless objects that have a distinctive natural and unique appearance, while simultaneously offering a sustainable and visually appealing option.

To reinforce its commitment to product design, Amorim Cork Composites has created ACC Design Studio - a space for innovation and creativity where cork and design unite.


This project is underpinned by three essential objectives. The first is to develop new concepts, in which we collaborate with brands, developing exclusive cork products to be integrated within their collections, or through the creation of solutions, as a complement to the customer's product, such as packaging for wine bottles.


  • Another objective is to provide monitoring and technical support for projects with world-renowned architects, designers and artists. This has been the basis for creating unique works, such as the recent sculptures “The Three Graces” by Pedro Cabrita Reis, the self-portrait of Ai Weiwei, temporary installations such as the Serpentine Gallery, where we collaborated with the South African studio, Counterspace in 2021, and the range of furniture items we developed with Tom Dixon.

    Pedro Cabrita Reis - As Três Graças.jpg

The third and final objective involves training and sharing knowledge. With ACC Design Studio, we intend not only to reach those who are already in the job market, but also new generations, by drawing close to Universities and design studios, among other institutions. For this purpose we organise workshops, in which we share knowledge and explore the potential of cork as a raw material.

By choosing the most suitable technologies and work processes for each project, ACC Design Studio works together with the client to offer useful, creative and sustainable solutions to the market. 


Photography credits:

Serpentine Gallery (© Counterspace Photo Iwan Baan)
"As Três Graças" (© Juan Rodriguez)

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