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Bringing nature to your home

Cork is an amazingly versatile material and, when combined with Nike Grind EVA foam delivers great benefits in all flooring installations. This huge range of attributes fulfills the needs of the final floor, whatever they may be.

Floor underlayment with Nike Grind EVA foam and cork by Amorim

Amorim Nike Grind underlayment ensure good long-term performance. Cork’s resilience offers the ability to support loads without breaking the cells and keeps the initial thickness, thereby maintaining performance during the entire lifetime of the building. On the other hand, cork has a good compensating ability for uneven surfaces, absorbing the imperfections of subfloors and avoiding a telegraphy effect on final floors.

  •  Product Main Features

    2 in 1 solution: pre- attached vapor barrier for moisture protection

    • Produced from recycled and natural materials

    • Recycling footwear derived EVA foam – keeps millions of pounds non degrading material out of the environment

    • EVA foam – inert, non-toxic, used in all types of shoes, so is approved for skin contact

    EVA foam – does not absorb or hold water, like fabric-based underlayment

    • Contains no tire derived rubber – no VOC’s & no rubber / tire smell

    • Anti-slip underlay with long-term physical properties and excellent load absorption capacity.

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Amorim underlayment delivers great benefits in all flooring installations

When applied under a floor, an underlayment provides more comfort, protection, and longevity to the final floor, guaranteeing even greater energy efficiency and acoustic insulation.

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