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02 . Dec . 2022
Cork is used in the new 100% electric Mobilize vehicles of the Renault Group

Cork was selected for the new Mobilize vehicles because it is a natural and sustainable raw material.

18 . Nov . 2022
Whether on land, in the air or water, cork’s properties, combined with Amorim Cork Composites' expertise, can respond to the great mobility…

Ensuring transport sustainability is an increasing concern for companies and citizens. Global awareness of this concern has led car manufacturers to progressively choose raw materials that guarantee a symbiosis between performance and sustainability. The sector’s biggest companies are now investing in more environmenta…

30 . Oct . 2018
Structural elements with cork for more sustainable and efficient mobility.

Today, building lighter boats, buses or trains to reduce the consumption of energy and other resources, making them more efficient, is one of the main challenges of the mobility sector.Amorim Cork Composites takes advantage of the natural lightness of cork to create innovative materials applicable to interior, side and…

05 . Dec . 2022
30 . Oct . 2018

Reinventing mobility with innovative and sustainable cork-based solutions for cars, trains, caravans, buses and many others.

13 . Mar . 2024
04 . Apr . 2024
30 . Oct . 2018
27 . Jul . 2023
07 . Sep . 2023
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The development of these multilayer cork systems for electric batteries represents a significant step forward in the development of more sustainable, efficient and high-performance electric vehicles. This solution will further the transition to more sustainable mobility and have the potential to revolutionize this indu…

25 . Jul . 2017
Quiet Motion by Erwan & Ronan Bouroullec for BMWi

Exhibited on a tour arranged by BMWi in several world capitals, it used cork supplied by Amorim Cork Composites as well as a series of strips of blue fabrics. Quiet Moon represents the dynamic allegory of contemplation and sustainable mobility. It substantiates the silent use of energy as an analogy to the electric pr…

04 . Jun . 2024
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Cork's properties – such as low density, thermal insulation and compressibility – are combined with beech-wood's resistance to particle bombardment, creating a set of sustainable and unique solutions that stand out from conventional materials and respect the strict requirements of this industry. "The electric mobility…

25 . Jul . 2017
Reduction of costs in the transport industry

The Amorim Cork Composites, business unit of the Amorim Group, is committed to the development and manufacture of technical, environmentally friendly products based on cork, for numerous industries and applications.  The rail industry is one of the strategic segments of the company, where innovation and creativity in t…


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