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Travelling comfortably with cork

Vamper GmbH bets on cork to improve the comfort of new motorhomes

With comfort and sustainability in mind, Vamper has decided to use cork for the first time in a pioneering project to convert a Mercedes Sprinter into a motorhome.

To ensure the successful execution of this project, Vamper GmBH turned to cork mobility GmbH, a company that has been working in partnership with Amorim Cork Composites for several years to provide innovative cork solutions for caravans and motorhomes across Europe.

When deciding on the right cork product to be used in this (and other future projects for the conversion of leisure vehicles) in order to create a cosy and elegant environment for the leisure vehicles, the choice fell clearly on the material Amorim MNL051.

Travelling comfortably with cork - many convincing advantages

Amorim MNL051 is characterised by its special lightness, a high degree of thermal and sound insulation and high-quality workmanship. The look and feel of the material are also outstanding, as its natural texture makes it look elegant and feel pleasantly soft - simply ideal for a leisure room.

Cork has been gaining increasing prominence as a sustainable and high-performance material for various projects within the mobility sector. 100% natural, recyclable and reusable, cork is a more environmentally friendly choice when compared to plastics, foams and other toxic and non-recyclable materials, often used in the construction of motorhomes.

“We were looking for a floor covering that provided warmth and comfort while being robust enough for daily use in the motorhome.”

Eric Marquardt, Managing Director of Vamper, who reinforces that comfort was his top priority when creating this project, which led him to opt for cork.

The focus on natural materials with a low environmental impact, such as cork, allow companies to satisfy consumer needs, anticipating market trends, while contributing to a more sustainable future by promoting responsible practices and innovative solutions.


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