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News 14 . Jun . 2019
Thermal protection with cork

Amorim Cork Composites’ participation in the project will support the development of simulation processes and the structural design with the production of thermal protection components. The company's mission includes the creation of a new cork-based solution – Spatulated Thermal Protection System (TPS) - which can be a…

News 02 . Aug . 2017
Cork Thermal Protection Heat Shield for Mars Spacecraft

Cork is being used by Aerospace contractors working on the future spacecraft that are expected to take humans to Mars and deep space in the coming decades.

Case Studies 25 . Jul . 2017
Case Studies
IXV Project

Ablative Thermal Protection System for IXV.

25 . Jul . 2017
News 31 . Oct . 2017
News 25 . Jul . 2017

News 18 . Apr . 2018

Artigos 13 . Aug . 2018
Sustainable materials for all types of flooring

Cork is the common denominator used in all our underlays. When applied beneath a flooring system, a cork-based underlay provides greater comfort, protection and longevity to the final floor, ensuring greater energy efficiency and better acoustic and thermal insulation.

News 25 . Jul . 2017

Cork is incorporated into a bio-composite sandwich panel and delivers unique advantages in terms of thermal insulation, antifungal protection, fire retardancy, and indoor air quality.Cork cells are impregnated with air, thus making cork an excellent and unrivalled thermal insulator. No other material can deliver such e…

News 28 . May . 2021
Cork has been used in the industry for many years, correct? Can you give some examples of the type of applications?

Exactly. Cork has been used in the Energy sector for a long time, in particular in the T&D Transmission and Distribution area (Power or Distribution Transformers). Cork is used as a sealing element, where unique combinations of cork and selected rubber create materials suitable for flat sealing applications which,…

Articles 26 . Sep . 2018
3 – What about water and humidity?

No! Cork or cork blend underlays are dimensionally stable and do not expand in contact with water or high humidity conditions. We offer several options with attached vapour barriers, which provide moisture protection for moisture sensitive finished flooring products. It avoids the diffusion of the water vapour through…

25 . Jul . 2017
Crushable TPS

Development and functional testing of an innovative protection system that will simultaneously perform structural and thermal functions, allowing the re-entry process of space capsules to Earth to be simplified. This system will combine the capacity to absorb impact energy on landing and the capacity to support the the…

Articles 16 . Apr . 2018

Cork is a 100% natural material that has a honeycomb-like structure of microscopic cells filled with an air-like gas and coated mainly with suberin and lignin. One cubic centimeter of cork contains about 40 million cells. It has a closed-cell structure, making it lightweight, airtight and watertight. Cork is an amazing…

Facts and Curiosities 25 . Jul . 2017
Facts and Curiosities
What are the main characteristics of cork?

Lightness Cork is a very light raw material, weighing just 0.16 grams per cubic centimeter, and can float. Flexibility/compressibility Each cork stopper is made up of around 800 million airtight cells. Among them is a gaseous mixture which allows it to be compressed to around half its thickness, without losing any flex…

Articles 25 . Jul . 2017
Description and functionality

When Amorim Cork Composites added cork and rubber as the core material applied to sandwich wood panels (CPA - acoustic plywood) this was an innovative solution to reduce noise and vibration in interior floors for trains. The combination of viscoelastic material (such as cork) in a sandwich panel contributes greatly to…


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