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Innovative cork project improves air quality in buildings

Innovative cork project improves air quality in buildings


Safety, energy efficiency, natural materials, and more sustainable products.

These are the key characteristics of Osirys - an international project that aims to improve buildings’ energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Inevitably cork is one of the project’s core features, with solutions supplied by Amorim Cork Composites and Amorim Isolamentos. The result is a set of eco-innovative materials for building façades and interior walls, suitable for application in new buildings or restoration projects, thus resolving key issues related to emissions from building construction processes.

The project is being developed by a consortium, including Amorim Cork Composites, which has developed eco-innovative cork panels used in conjunction with other materials, which improve air quality by eliminating micro-organisms and increasing thermal and acoustic insulation. The products supplied are thermoplastic panels with cork granules with fire retardant characteristics and expanded cork agglomerate panels.

  • Cork is incorporated into a bio-composite sandwich panel and delivers unique advantages in terms of thermal insulation, antifungal protection, fire retardancy, and indoor air quality.

    Cork cells are impregnated with air, thus making cork an excellent and unrivalled thermal insulator. No other material can deliver such effective thermal insulation.

    Cork also delivers excellent anti-fungal performance. No additive was required to meet stringent international standards.


Depending on the density and thickness of the selected cork agglomerate, different thermal and acoustic behavior can be achieved, which can be adjusted in function of the building's geographic location.

In order to demonstrate the qualities of the developed solution, the Osirys project culminated with the construction of two buildings or parts of buildings in different geographic locations (Spain and Slovenia), each with ground area of about 100 - 200 m2.

Osirys Project

This project is a reference on the new trends in building and construction: composites, indoor air quality and positive life cycle assessment.


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