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09 . Oct . 2018

Solutions for the manufaturing industry.

News 26 . Oct . 2017
Improving footwear with thermoforming

FootCork® solutions are strongly dedicated to new cork-based solutions for the entire footwear industry.

09 . Oct . 2018
09 . Oct . 2018
09 . Oct . 2018
28 . Nov . 2018
News 26 . Sep . 2019

09 . Oct . 2018
Abrasion resistance

The ability of a footwear material to withstand wear, due to abrasion.

01 . Aug . 2017
Other raw materials

Amorim Cork Composites goes further in systematic use of sub-products, namely by using sub-products from the footwear, automotive and packaging industries.

09 . Aug . 2019
circular text

As well as using cork not utilized in the wine cork industry, we also use by-products from other sources, such as the footwear, automotive, and packaging industries.

Why Cork 25 . Jul . 2017
Why Cork
Other applications of cork

As a result of technological advances and strong investment in R&D+I, the applications of cork are increasingly surprising, from its use in construction and architecture, in design, in the manufacture of clothing, jewelry and footwear, in furniture, decoration, health and cosmetics, in energy production, pollution…

News 25 . Jul . 2017
"Academia to Business"

During the session, those present had the opportunity to learn more about the characteristics of cork, and the way in which it is integrated into a range of solutions. This universe of applications in areas such as construction, furniture, footwear, or the transport industry demonstrates the personality of this raw mat…

24 . Apr . 2019
Cork Inside and Circular Economy

Nothing is wasted. Everything is valued.Several products with Cork Inside seal incorporate by products from other industries (industrial symbiosis) such as foams and other polymers from the footwear, automotive and packaging industries. Blending cork with these materials, we give new life to materials that would otherw…

Consumer Goods 08 . Jan . 2019
Consumer Goods
Infinite possibilities

From ski pistes to football stadiums, golf courses to the waves of the ocean, snowboards to footwear for athletes, nowadays cork has a place in numerous sports and leisure activities. Its 100% natural origin and characteristics such as lightness and durability also make it the ideal raw material for creating products t…

News 20 . Nov . 2019
Innovative from an environmental perspective

This underscreed is also innovative from an environmental perspective, given that in addition to cork - a naturally sustainable material - it solely uses waste from the footwear industry, in particular low density polyethylene foams. This industrial symbiosis process enables these materials to be recycled and reinforce…

News 27 . Sep . 2019
Based on the motto that “nothing is wasted, everything is valued”, the principles of the circular economy have been applied at Amorim Cork C…

In order to reinforce this proposal of ecological value based on a model of circularity, new product ranges are being updated, incorporating surplus raw materials from other industries, such as footwear, automobile, sports or upholstery production, whose final destination would otherwise have been landfilled. These mat…

Blog 07 . Jan . 2020
New products, more circular economy

Waste from industries such as footwear, packaging, automobile or upholstery production are some of the non-cork materials that we incorporate in Go4cork products. We chose them because, in addition to enhancing the benefits of cork, they allow us to give new life to materials that would otherwise be destined for the la…

18 . Nov . 2020
Product Main Features

• 2 in 1 solution: pre-attached vapor barrier for moisture protection • Produced from recycled and natural materials • Contains inert and non-toxic EVA foam recycled from Nike’s footwear manufacturing scraps • Does not absorb or hold water like fabric-based underlayment • Contains no tire derived rubber, no VOC’s and n…

09 . Apr . 2021
Amorim Cork Composites

Amorim Cork Composites part of Corticeira Amorim, the world leader in the cork industry with a long track of achievements using cork in demanding industries such as construction, flooring, sports surfaces, mobility, energy sealing, consumer goods, furnishings, and footwear. We recycle, reuse and reinvent entirely natur…

Notícias 02 . Nov . 2020

Several of Amorim Cork Composites’ most representative products were considered for the analysis, in particular Top Layer NRT®94, a component used in the flooring industry that primarily consists of high-density cork, Underlay Fusion, a product applied between the concrete surface and the final floor, that aims to impr…

Blog 09 . Aug . 2019

Let us introduce you to Go4cork, a new brand of DIY cork products created especially for people who are always thinking of the next project for renovating or decorating their house or office, but are also concerned with the environment and value responsible consumption. With Go4cork it’s so easy to make small changes o…

Blog 16 . Sep . 2019

Step 1: Go4cork products are produced mainly with unused cork from the cork stopper industry. When we think about cork, we almost automatically think about cork stoppers. However, the production of cork stoppers uses only around 30 % of this raw material. It was precisely to give new life to this industry’s unused cork…

Case Studies 25 . Jul . 2017
Case Studies
products: metamorphosis

The METAMORPHOSIS project brings together ten professionals from the fields of world design and architecture. Three of those invited are even winners of the Pritzker Prize: Álvaro Siza (Portugal), Eduardo Souto de Moura (Portugal) and Herzog & de Meuron (Switzerland). Also challenged to present different approaches…

Blog 09 . Aug . 2019

Because every choice counts, we've put together three tips for more sustainable interior design. These may be small steps, but they impact both your quality of life and the planet. Take note. 1. Give preference to natural lighting Make the most of daylight. Even if the size of your home’s windows or its exposure to th…


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