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New Acousticork underscreed

New Acousticork underscreed

U38 is designed for buildings with stringent acoustic requirements, ensuring performance and sustainability. Blog

Performance, sustainability and a focus on the circular economy are the main features of U38 - the latest Acousticork underscreed, developed and commercialised by Amorim Cork Composites.

Produced from cork and recycled polyethylene foam, U38 innovatively combines the acoustic and load-bearing capacities of foam-based underscreeds with cork's resilience and environmental credentials. The pre-attached PE foil raises the tensile strength of the underscreed as well as it will allow cut costs by eliminating the need for an independent application of a protective foil between the underscreed and the concrete.

One side is profiled to enhance performance. The new product is available in thicknesses of 12 and 17 mm, delivering an acoustic performance of 29 and 31 dB, respectively. U38 therefore delivers even higher results than the other solutions in the Acousticork range. In addition, it has high load-bearing capacity with low deflection, responding to the most demanding situations and ensuring performance throughout the system’s life cycle.

  • Innovative from an environmental perspective

    This underscreed is also innovative from an environmental perspective, given that in addition to cork - a naturally sustainable material - it solely uses waste from the footwear industry, in particular low density polyethylene foams. This industrial symbiosis process enables these materials to be recycled and reinforces the company's circular economy model.

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  • Cork Inside seal

    As such it is a Cork Inside product. Recently created, the Cork Inside seal is applied in Amorim Cork Composites’ products in which cork is mixed with other materials to enhance its characteristics, although not immediately visible. In these cases, the presence of the Cork Inside seal guarantees to consumers that cork is present in an optimal quantity to ensure the product’s excellent technical performance.

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Main characteristics

Application of an underscreed during construction or remodelling of a building plays a fundamental role in ensuring its soundproofing and, consequently, the comfort and quality of life of its users.

Available in different compositions and thicknesses, Acousticork underscreeds offer a high performance solution for sound insulation and airborne noise control. They are suitable for buildings with stringent acoustic requirements, such as hotels, supermarkets, shopping centres or multipurpose projects, which combine housing with shops and offices.


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