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Blog 09 . Mar . 2018
Why was it important to explore the visual effect of cork in this project?

The visual effect wasn’t the main issue. Although, in the case of the Cruise Terminal, since we removed the concrete’s surface layer, the cork appears beneath. This produces a certain roughness and an appearance that I like very much, almost similar to the look of taipa – raw earth used in traditional constructions. Th…

25 . Jul . 2017
Cork, a sustainable realm of visuals and performance

Amorim has been encouraging designers to envision and explore another world.

18 . Nov . 2022
30 . Oct . 2018
Visual materials

Interior components for vehicles where cork is used as a visual solution.

30 . Oct . 2018
Mobility cork solutions for visual and structural parts

Reinventing mobility with innovative cork-based solutions for cars, trains, caravans, buses and many others.

20 . Jun . 2019
Cork installation in New York, in the showroom of Ligne Roset

Designed by the architect Bernard Dubois, Ligne 102 offers a unique and unexpected visual concept of cork.

13 . Mar . 2024
HYK Outdoors unveils new teardrop camper with cork as the core material

HYK Outdoors, one of the premier makers of handcrafted campers in the USA, choose cork as a structural and visual material for the breakthrough teardrop camper design.

12 . Mar . 2019
The winning bid II

The Association required that the covers evoke elements associated with the region and the designer’s idea to make use of cork, a raw material deeply rooted in the culture of Algarve, was selected and implemented. With the covers currently in use, their comfort along with the cork’s visual and practical look are the bi…

25 . Jul . 2017
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

The most visited of all summer pavilions of the famous London art gallery. The project by architects Herzog & de Meuron and visual artist Ai Weiwei, the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012 found its transversal element in cork. Over 80 m3 of cork were used in the circular complex multi-level structure. The Serpentine…

Blog 27 . Sep . 2019
Cortiça nas artes

This isn’t the first time that cork has been used in the arts world or in the Venice Biennale, which this year is curated by Ralph Rugoff, director of the Hayward Gallery in London.   In 2017, the designer Tiago Sá presented the Curcubita cork lamps in the section, Venice Design. Also in 2017, Leonor Antunes incorporat…

12 . Dec . 2017
Were the visuals of the different cork types important for these two projects?

Yes, I think the two different cork types created a different atmosphere in each application.

28 . Nov . 2018
Carlos Pinheiro

INOVESOLA   “Cork has a very attractive visual appearance and is currently in strong demand. It’s excellent that it can be used in finished product and also in soles in conjunction with other materials. Cork’s key attraction is its ease of use in the production process for gluing the different shoe components, due to t…

Blog 25 . Jul . 2017
Presented for the first time in Venice Design, held in the context of La Biennale di Venezia 2017, the Curcubita lamps enabled the designer…

The designer Tiago Sá da Costa was inspired by the appearance, sustainability, flexibility, and versatility of cork to create Curcubita. Presented for the first time in Venice Design, held between May 13 and November 26, in the context of La Biennale di Venezia 2017, the Curcubita lamps enabled the designer to discover…

26 . Sep . 2019
Why Cork?

“The idea is to produce cork-based shoes because we believe in the properties of cork such as its lightweight and sustainability, but we also really appreciate that the material comes from Europe and not from somewhere else requiring long-distance transportation. Cork is also a nice material to work with; it's easy to…

09 . Aug . 2019
Versatility with sustainability in mind

Cork's visual and sensorial appearance, it's reliability, durability, sense of comfort and safety and ecological features will inspire you to shape a whole new sustainable world. No other energy-efficient material performs so well and with such quality. And not only it is eco-friendly, but also it is good for your heal…

25 . Jul . 2017
The materials in the construction area have undergone constant improvements over time. This evolution is due to the non-conformist spirit of…

The need to create priorities ranges from the more traditional - such as impermeability, stability, visual requirements - to the most recent fields, which relate to energy, sustainability, thermal, and acoustic issues. Cork, as a multifaceted product, can meet the demands of today's markets through its natural properti…

16 . Sep . 2019
Naturally sourced materials such as cork, are an excellent choice to create comfortable and relaxed environments that make us feel at home.…

Covering a wall with cork is a simple way to renew and give personality to any space. Cork introduces a natural and organic element that easily combines with different decorative styles. In the living room or lobby, you can use it to create a highlighted visual element in the decor. In the office, a cork-covered wall n…

08 . Jan . 2020
Since September 2018, the Nova School of Business & Economics, one of the most reputable schools of economics and business in Europe, has a…

Among the various spaces and classrooms with a minimalist design, which integrate the school building, cork is highlighted in the Américo Amorim auditorium. As a result of a partnership between Corticeira Amorim and Nova SBE, the auditorium pays homage to Américo Amorim, an entrepreneur and visionary that transformed a…

24 . Jun . 2024
Why should I use a cork underlayment?

Using a cork underlayment is crucial when installing new flooring, since it ensures long-term durability and visual appeal. It plays a vital role in preventing issues such as telegraphy and protecting floating floors from damage to their click-lock systems. Additionally, cork underlayments help conceal minor subfloor i…

Case Studies 06 . Feb . 2019
Case Studies
Taking advantage of the precision of CNC moulding technology, 1,500 diamond-shaped cork modules have been used to build an impressive 13-met…

The cork blocks were moulded using CNC technology and were then combined, one by one, to test the construction format. After assembly of the test version, the structure was disassembled and the modules were transported to the store where they were re-combined, in less than 10 days, creating an impressive arch that welc…

Case Studies 25 . Jul . 2017
Case Studies
Knoll – the world-leading North American manufacturer of modern furniture for the home and office – has rediscovered cork as a raw material…

Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland designed the Porto and Lisbon cork tiles included in the Beller Collection from Spinneybeck, which chose Amorim Cork Composites to produce these decorative modules that guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation performance. The collection won the #MetropolisLikes prize in NeoCon…

Blog 25 . Jul . 2017
Cork has attracted the attention of North American furniture design and luxury fashion.

The window of the renowned fashion brand Saks Fifth Avenue presents the Lisbon Collection, from the acclaimed design and architecture studio Eugene Stoltzfus Furniture Design, which has cork as the main material.This modern aesthetic collection features tables, pedestals, and seating, combining cork with steel frames.“…

25 . Jul . 2017
intro (3)

"Blocks" is a 50 m2 installation, built entirely with cork blocks. A total of 108 blocks of cork were used (940x640x20 cm), made from three different composites, thereby creating an informal seating area inspired by the topography of the surrounding natural setting. Rona Meyuchas- Koblenz explains, "I have developed…

18 . Dec . 2020
Why cork?

As curator of The Bridge Collection, my goal was to connect the museum and the collection in an engaging and accessible way and, on a broader spectrum, to connect the physical exhibition with the narrative and the history of the collection. In this sense, I tried to bring together art and ecology. Cork offers both, bei…

28 . Sep . 2018
Cork backing is used in wall covering panels to increase soundproofing.

Vivid colours, rich textures, and a strong visual effect are the main features of the acoustic wall coverings created by the studio, Submaterial. Made from wool felt, they incorporate a cork layer that reinforces the soundproofing. Acoustic performance is a decisive factor for ensuring the comfort of any space, whether…

25 . Jul . 2017

The SprayCork project aims to develop new coatings based on the removal of cork in the liquid dispersion for spray application. It aims to obtain two types of products, with different purposes: The first will be a decorative covering for furniture, capable of giving or aspiring visual and touching characteristics of c…

Blog 25 . Jul . 2017
body (2)

Corticeira Amorim is one of the corporate partners of the project APQHome – MAAT and for the flooring, Ana Pérez-Quiroga, besides cork composites solutions, chose a solution with a white-toned cork visual, from Wicanders - Amorim Revestimentos’ premium brand.APQHome is a work of "total art" which aims to involve visito…

Blog 25 . Jul . 2017
The iconic Palais de Tokyo in Paris was the stage for an artistic intervention where cork emerges as the decisive element in the performativ…

The initiative – opened from December 12-18, 2016 – was part of the “Carte Blanche” project second edition, offering spaces in the palace to creations by renowned artists. The artist featured at this “Carte Blanche” is Tino Seghal, who in turn has called on several fellow artists, including the performance artist Isabe…

27 . Mar . 2023
2. Apply an underlayment for more comfort and durability

Although we focus a lot on the visual appearance of the new floor, choosing the right underlayment is just as important as choosing the right flooring. An underlayment is a layer of material applied between the concrete (or the previous floor if it's a renovation job) and the final floor during the floor installation p…

04 . Dec . 2019
Cork for a naturally-inspired environment

If you have doubts about which material to choose for your office, choose cork. In addition to being functional and visually appealing, cork accessories also have the advantage of introducing an element of natural origin to your office, creating a mild and quiet environment that invites you to work. In this article, fi…

10 . Oct . 2018
Commitment to innovation and development

Aware of cork’s potential, Amorim Cork Composites has made a major investment in innovation and development and is often presented as a case study in the field of sustainable construction.   Amorim Cork Composites solutions are so comprehensive that it is possible to include them in almost all stages of building constr…

Blog 23 . Jun . 2021

It is in bustling New York that the first Google Store comes to life. In contrast to the city’s frenetic pace and the concrete colors, cork was the material chosen for development of the store’s items of furniture, bringing a sense of calm to the Great Apple and fostering a perfect symbiosis between Nature and Technolo…


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