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09 . Aug . 2019
09 . Aug . 2019
Why choose cork for your home?

Cork is environmentally friendly and a highly versatile material when used for interior decoration. But that’s not all. Read this article to find out seven good reasons why you should have it with you every day.

09 . Aug . 2019
Protecting the planet and having a healthier and more sustainable life is an increasingly present concern in our daily lives. More than a si…

From the materials used for floor and wall coverings to furniture items and decorative objects, it’s possible to make choices that help reduce your home’s carbon footprint without neglecting room design and comfort. Such is the case with solutions in cork, one of nature’s most sustainable materials.

28 . Sep . 2018
Cork backing is used in wall covering panels to increase soundproofing.

Vivid colours, rich textures, and a strong visual effect are the main features of the acoustic wall coverings created by the studio, Submaterial. Made from wool felt, they incorporate a cork layer that reinforces the soundproofing. Acoustic performance is a decisive factor for ensuring the comfort of any space, whether…

07 . Jan . 2020
Discovering Cork Inside products

Cork Inside products are available in almost all Go4cork ranges. In the line designed for interior decoration you’ll find them in decorative panels as well as multifunctional rolls. They already appear in the product line for offices and workspaces in memo boards, mouse and desk pads.In these cases, as many of the mate…


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