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27 . Mar . 2023
How to choose a gas sealing solution?

To select the best sealing material for a gas system its constituent factors must be considered, such as the type of gas, necessary compressibility, required sealing load or seal thickness.

05 . Jun . 2024
The use of the Amorim Tech Seal solutions to seal gas applications

When it comes to domestic gas applications it is essential to ensure effective and reliable sealing solutions. Amorim Tech Seal has been offering innovative and sustainable sealing solutions for such applications for several years.

26 . Apr . 2022
Case study

Sealing solutions for gas equipment​

21 . Aug . 2023
26 . Apr . 2022
Cork-rubber composite solutions specifically designed to produce the most suitable materials for sealing

Amorim Tech Seal's priority are the automotive, heavy duty and gas industries. As a result of continuous investment in R&D, we have developed a very diversified portfolio of sealing solutions for these areas. We work closely with our customers to develop sealing joints adapted to the requirements of each project. O…

29 . Nov . 2023
Production of hydrogen has been touted as a strong possibility for accelerating the green energy transition, by facilitating the storage of…

Over recent years, Amorim Cork Composites, through its Amorim Tech Seal range, has been supplying high-performance solutions used to seal different types of gases. These solutions have been specially developed and tested to withstand applications in various environments, protecting against gas leaks or preventing the e…


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