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Sealing solutions for gas applications

The use of the Amorim Tech Seal solutions to seal gas applications

When it comes to domestic gas applications it is essential to ensure effective and reliable sealing solutions. Amorim Tech Seal has been offering innovative and sustainable sealing solutions for such applications for several years.

It is essential to ensure effective and reliable sealing solutions, especially in domestic gas applications. Amorim Tech Seal - that incorporates a broad range of cork composite solutions - has been offering innovative and sustainable sealing solutions for such applications for several years. Cork composites are widely used in gas regulators and meters, and guarantee safety and efficiency in every application.

Gas regulators are used in a wide range of everyday household appliances. Their principal function is to maintain a consistent and safe gas pressure within the system. Given the critical nature of this task, it is essential to choose the correct sealing solution, offering high performance and reliability. In this context, it is necessary to consider that the structure of the gas regulator and the conditions in which it will be operate may vary considerably, and therefore the selected sealing material must be suited to the specific requirements.

One of the principal advantages of the Amorim Tech Seal sealing solutions for gas regulators is the superior performance they offer in terms of conformability and load to seal, compared to traditional rubber seals.

  • Cork solutions for better sealing performance

    Long-term ageing assessments have revealed that rubber seals often suffer from local fractures, bending and warping, due to lateral flow and thermal expansion. By contrast, Amorim Tech Seal cork composite joints retain their shape and have very low extrusion, preserving the integrity of the seal over time. This durability guarantees an effective seal, even under varying pressure and temperature conditions.


    Cork's unique compressibility and micro-sealing characteristics also enable it to adapt to the uneven surface of the flange, providing an effective seal even with narrow joint widths (just 2 mm). Amorim Tech Seal solutions fulfil the requirements of various certifications, such as DVGW, NP44, EN 30.1.1, part and JIA C001.

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Amorim Tech Seal, sealing solutions with an eye on the future

In the future, natural gas and low-carbon gases will play a crucial role in sustainable energy systems.

Amorim Cork Composites stands at the forefront of this transition, offering sustainable sealing solutions for natural gas, LPG or hydrogen applications. In addition to complying with the technical requirements of this type of application, the cork used in Amorim Tech Seal solutions is 100% natural and recyclable. By using cork in our solutions, we help reduce the environmental impact associated to rubber and, consequently, contribute to a better future.

For more detailed information and technical specifications, please book an appointment with our team so that we can analyse your project and recommend the best solution.

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