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Why Cork 31 . Jan . 2024
Why Cork
Sports Surfaces

Amorim Sports• Amorim Sports Nature infills: -72,5kg CO₂e/kg

05 . Jul . 2018
Amorim Sportsfloor - an effective and sustainable solution for all sports surfaces

Amorim Sportsfloor is manufactured using a combination of different elastomers to achieve a unique level of flexibility, wear resistance and impact absorption.  Our brand incorporate the sheer quality of the final recycled rubber floor surface. We convert post consumer tyres (but only the buffing derived from tyre trea…

20 . Nov . 2018
Blog 09 . Nov . 2020
Natural beauty. A solution prepared to withstand the demands of everyday life

Moulding techniques have made it possible to combine cork’s natural characteristics - such as lightness, elasticity and softness to the touch – to provide a feeling of well-being, natural beauty and comfort inside the car. In view of cork’s unique resilience, compressibility and resistance to friction this solution is…

09 . Apr . 2021
Amorim Cork Composites

Amorim Cork Composites part of Corticeira Amorim, the world leader in the cork industry with a long track of achievements using cork in demanding industries such as construction, flooring, sports surfaces, mobility, energy sealing, consumer goods, furnishings, and footwear. We recycle, reuse and reinvent entirely natur…

Blog 27 . Jul . 2022
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30 years of the Nike Grind project What began as a grassroots initiative in 1992 to repurpose shoes headed for landfills is now a global sustainability program that helps transform manufacturing scrap and end-of-life shoes into recycled Nike Grind materials. Rubber, foam, fiber, leather and textiles are collected and r…

23 . Mar . 2018
Main Goal

In order to meet the club’s goal and to be able to provide to the players and other users a cleaner and more pleasant field, the German company chose an artificial turf system with impact surface, artificial turf and 100% granulate cork infill. Besides improving the field’s hygiene conditions, the new turf field of SC…

16 . Sep . 2019

Step 1: Go4cork products are produced mainly with unused cork from the cork stopper industry. When we think about cork, we almost automatically think about cork stoppers. However, the production of cork stoppers uses only around 30 % of this raw material. It was precisely to give new life to this industry’s unused cork…


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