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Clube Desportivo SG Malsburg-Marzell - Alemanha

SG Malsburg-Marzell Sports Club

Cork infill application in the Malsburg’s artificial turf football field.

High performance, sustainable and ecological turf field.

GOTEC Sportsysteme, a German company specialized in the construction and maintenance of sports grounds, chose a cork-based natural infill for artificial turf for the construction project of the SG Malsburg-Marzell Sports Club football field in Germany.

Main Goal

In order to meet the club’s goal and to be able to provide to the players and other users a cleaner and more pleasant field, the German company chose an artificial turf system with impact surface, artificial turf and 100% granulate cork infill.

Besides improving the field’s hygiene conditions, the new turf field of SC Malsburg-Marzell enhances the athletes’ sports performance and has guaranteed durability, as the cork is very resistant to humidity and deterioration.


  • Advantages

    Using a cork infill brings back a part of nature to the artificial turf systems. Cork is a natural and ecological material that offers several advantages if compared with the traditional infill solutions, namely the reduction of maintenance costs, the more natural aspect and feel, the absence of environmental toxicity and the fact that it is odourless.


    Given the cork’s low heat absorption when exposed to light, this type of infill enables the reduction of the surface temperature of the football field up to 30% if compared with other infill solutions, ensuring a comfortable use all year round. As for safety, cork still has the advantage of having a great capacity for impact absorption and excellent traction, not causing abrasion if the players slip or fall.


Main attributes of cork infills

Infills applied by: GOTEC Sportsysteme


GOTEC Sportsysteme showed great satisfaction regarding the quality of the cork-based infill supplied by Amorim Cork Composites for this project. The installation process was carried out without difficulties and the final result meets the goals of the company and the club in terms of final aspect and conditions for sports.

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