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07 . Sep . 2023
Multilayer solutions for batteries' thermal insulation

Our product range combines cork with different types of materials - such as aerogel, mica, carbon/basalt and foam – in order to create systems with different layers, which can act as a thermal barrier between cells or modules (cell spacers/thermal pads), or as protection for the battery housing.   With multilayer syste…

13 . Apr . 2023
New cork solutions to protect electric vehicle batteries

Cork’s low density with its reduced thermal conductivity and resistance to high temperatures, make it ideal for the development of components for EV batteries. In addition, cork’s cushioning and sealing capacity makes it suitable for various applications, inside and outside the battery.

Blog 28 . May . 2021
What are the reasons that justify the fact that cork still has a very limited presence in the energy sector?

If we look at the energy sector over recent decades, it appears that it is characterized by the intensive exploitation of fossil fuels, where, although cork was present, it did not have any factor that would make it a strategic material. Nowadays, the energy transition and the objective of carbon neutrality have create…


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