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30 . Oct . 2018
18 . Nov . 2022
Whether on land, in the air or water, cork’s properties, combined with Amorim Cork Composites' expertise, can respond to the great mobility…

Ensuring transport sustainability is an increasing concern for companies and citizens. Global awareness of this concern has led car manufacturers to progressively choose raw materials that guarantee a symbiosis between performance and sustainability. The sector’s biggest companies are now investing in more environmenta…

02 . Dec . 2022

Cork is used inside the new Mobilize all-electric cars - the Renault Group's urban mobility brand. Integrated into the seats of the Mobilize Duo and Mobilize Solo models and also the interior rear panel of the latter vehicle, cork was chosen because it is a natural and sustainable raw material. Cork endows comfort, wel…

30 . Oct . 2018


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