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29 . Nov . 2023
Cork sealing solutions for hydrogen

Amorim Cork Composites is part of various working groups that aim to develop new industrial processes that will ensure the applicability and extensive provision of hydrogen solutions.

26 . Apr . 2022
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Amorim Cork Composites has been supplying high quality sealing gas materials for over 25 years to various national and international customers. ​ In addition to cork and rubber seals for natural gas and LPG systems, we are expanding our product range by offering solutions for hydrogen. This and other low-carbon gases r…

05 . Jun . 2024
Amorim Tech Seal, sealing solutions with an eye on the future

In the future, natural gas and low-carbon gases will play a crucial role in sustainable energy systems. Amorim Cork Composites stands at the forefront of this transition, offering sustainable sealing solutions for natural gas, LPG or hydrogen applications. In addition to complying with the technical requirements of thi…


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